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See all of the attention surrounding your papers.

Each week Altmetric captures hundreds of thousands of tweets, blog posts, news stories and other content that mention scholarly articles.

The Altmetric Explorer lets you monitor, search and measure conversations about your publications and those of your competitors. Use the Explorer to deliver insights, track mentions and measure levels of attention over time.

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Powerful measurements of attention that scholarly articles receive online

All the conversations in one place

Altmetric collects the relevant discussions around each article from Twitter, Facebook, science blogs, mainstream news outlets, YouTube and many more sources - then makes it all available to you in one place.

Scores for quick analysis and comparison

Each article is given a score that measures the quantity and quality of attention it has received. The score donut visualisation tells you at a glance how much attention has been paid to an article, as well as which sources the mentions have come from. Read about Altmetric's attention scoring system.

Powerful search & filtering

Browse all articles in the database, or filter by specific journals, publishers, or time last mentioned.

Interested in specific papers? Enter unique identifiers (including DOIs, PubMed IDs, arXiv IDs and Handles) to track them. Alternatively, search for articles using title and author keywords.


See the demographics for the social network users mentioning each paper. Was an article unusually popular in Spain? Amongst doctors? Science communicators? The Explorer can tell you.

Dive into the data with intuitive features for reporting & analysis

Create custom reports

Easily create new reports based on your search filters, and call up old ones with a click.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Do more with your custom search filters and reports by exporting the article and journal data to Excel.

E-mail alerts

Want regular updates or notifications when certain articles are mentioned? Create a custom report in the Altmetric Explorer and simply enable e-mail alerting.

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Altmetrics at your fingertips

We're the largest publisher agnostic source of altmetrics data for scholarly articles, holding data on some 2.6 million unique papers - and we're still growing.


Search using boolean queries over titles in the Altmetric database.

E-mail alerts

Set up a filter and then save it as a report to be e-mailed to you on a daily or weekly basis. Set up activity reports for articles from your lab, institution or competitors, or in the subject areas that interest you.

Filter by attention type

See only papers that have been mentioned in the mainstream media, or that have Facebook wall posts - if we collect it, you can filter by it.

The Altmetric score & donut visualisation

The Altmetric score and donut give users a quick way to assess how much attention large sets of scholarly articles have received online. Tell at a glance which articles have been written about on science blogs, which were popular and which slipped by relatively unnoticed.

Lightning fast

Feel free to experiment with queries - we've optimised the Explorer so that even the most complex set of filters returns results in seconds.

Export reports

Happier working in Excel? You can export the data you find with the Explorer at any time.

View activity around specific articles

If you're interested in tracking specific articles, just paste in their DOIs, PubMed IDs, arXiv IDs, SSRN IDs, RePEc IDs, ADS IDs or Handles into the Explorer and we'll search for them directly.

Filter by publishers, journals and NLM journal categories

Restrict results to articles published in a particular set of journals or publisher. Alternatively use high level subject categories like neuroscience or cardiology to filter by topic.

Journal rankings

Want to see where papers about autism get the most attention? Which medical journal gets the most links from the mainstream media? The journals tab groups article attention data by journal and helps to deliver the answers you need.

Altmetric for Institutions

The institutional edition of the Altmetric Explorer offers the ability to search and browse the data specifically for your institution, and includes extra reporting and group functionality. Find out more about Altmetric for Institutions.

Our users love the Altmetric Explorer

"Altmetric Explorer has the potential to change the way we understand the impact that research has within academia and more importantly the wider impact that it has in society."
Ian Mulvany
Head of Technology, eLife

"The Altmetric Explorer is a fantastic way to measure how successful our social media efforts have been."
Stuart Cantrill
Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry

"An exciting, powerful and useful tool."
Rebecca Fairbairn
Public Relations Manager, BioMed Central

"Altmetric is currently the only product which provides us with article level metrics on social media activity. This allows us to monitor the public discussions of content in social media and to evaluate these, which confirms our interest in discussions that go beyond the publishing process."
Martijn Roelandse
Publishing Editor in Neuroscience, Springer

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