The Altmetric Bookmarklet

Instantly get article level metrics for any recent paper, for free.

Reading a paper and want to find out its Altmetric details? Install our free bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Simply drag the button below to your bookmarks bar, navigate to a journal article page, and hit "Altmetric it!"

More details on how to get started

To install the Bookmarklet, just drag it into your browser's bookmark bar - this is typically underneath the address bar.

Altmetric it ← Drag this to your bookmarks bar

All set? Great, take it for a spin! Here are some example articles to try it out on. Just visit them, then click on the "Altmetric it" bookmark you just added:

See the Bookmarklet in action


Nothing happening when you drag the link? Confusingly, Chrome will let you drag the bookmarklet to the area where the icons for your extensions appear (to the right of the address box). This isn't the bookmarks bar, which is normally underneath the address box and may be turned off by default. To fix this, go to the View menu and select "Always Show Bookmarks Bar".

If you can't see a bookmark bar on Firefox, go to the View -> Toolbars menu and check Bookmarks Toolbar.

Need more help? Check out our FAQ page about the bookmarklet.

The small print

Caveats! We have them. When we said any paper, we may have been exaggerating. We're working up to that, but right now:

Any other questions?

If you're wondering what the number in the middle is, why you see 'journal not supported' or how the data is collected then check out the FAQ on our support site or drop us a line at

Bookmarklet love on Twitter

"altmetrics bookmarklet is TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. School must become far cooler."
Sam (@skome) 18 Feb 12

" Holy crap this is cool - instantly get #altmetrics for any article for free with this bookmarklet"
Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog) 22 Apr 12

"Get social media metrics for recent papers using the @altmetric bookmarklet #nifty"
Sun (@yusunbin) 20 Aug 12

"The #altmetric bookmarklet is a great idea"
Stephen Turner (@genetics_blog) 11 Mar 13

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