A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus
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Thunderf00t on YouTube

NASA announced 'An Astrobiological finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life' http://www.scie ...

georgezaidan on YouTube

Your booty call for science. On today's episode, NASA finds a bizarre bacterium that can live on Arsenic instead of Phosphorus. ...

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Hace seis meses se levantaba una gran polvareda mediática a cuenta de un anuncio de la NASA que terminó siendo la presentación d ..

It's been interesting to watch as microbiology's own cold fusion debate has been raging. It began with an extraordinary claim ab ..

Ah... Bactérias. Organismos primordiais do nosso planeta. Ocupam praticamente todos os nichos da Biosfera, até m ..

I've been strangely fascinated by the "arsenic-eating" and maybe "arsenic-utilizing' bacteria report from NASA researchers and t ..

Should science bloggers play a role in discussing peer-reviewed publications? That is the question an interesting Editorial in N ..

Image by Getty Images via @daylifeLast December, Science published a paper by Felisa Wolfe-Simon and colleagues claiming to have ..

The arsenic story continues. After much discussion in the blogosphere and elsewhere about the controversial paper claiming to h ..

(This was first published at the Urban Times) Indeed, long life for a dead-born. Let’s go back to this shameful story. Wha ..

El CHON de la vida junto al Fósforo (P) y el Azufre (S) Una de las primeras cosas que aprendí en biología es el "CHON" ..

Almost instantly after coming home from work yesterday, I noticed a steady stream of mentions of a mysterious and hugely hyped N ..

A short time ago, a study describing the discovery of a bacterium that could apparently utilize arsenate in place of phosphate w ..

OK, it looks like my arsenic-bacteria experiments have advanced from "Why won't they grow" troubleshooting to real science. &nbs ..

It's certainly not moving with the herd, or flock.  Emigrating maybe (leaving one population and joining another)?  Th ..

The first thing most people think of when they hear ‘arsenic’ is ‘poison’. In fact, it has played such a crucial part in many a ..

Towards the end of last week, NASA announced that it would reveal a stunning scientific report in a live press conferen ..

Last Thursday, I was stuck at a conference, furiously refreshing my phone to try and get the latest scoop on the “big an ..

This morning my friend Ramy reminded us of the recent spats over two PLoS One publications (Darwinius, Red Sea) and how they ..

Image of GFAJ-1 grown on arsenic. Image Credit: Jodi Switzer Blum According to James Elser, professor at Arizona St ..

OPINION: TED lectures are advertised as being for ‘ideas worth spreading’. A few of the local/regional TEDx offer what I would d ..

A year and a half ago, NASA announced that one of its scientists, Felisa Wolfe-Simon, had found a bacterium that could use arsen ..

Rosie Redfield gave a talk on Sunday night. She described the work she did on the so-called "arsenic-incorporating" strain of ba ..

Nada de ‘biosfera das sombras’ e também nada de termos que reescrever os livros-texto de biologia. Os vários problemas metodológ ..

This post is contributed by Brandon Findlay, and the author of the blog “Chemtips” The best talks, the ones that I go to confere ..

I have an article published in The Economist's Babbage blog. Here's the blurb: Most scientific research is about incremental im ..

Bueno, este artículo que fue publicado hoy en Science ha vuelto a remecer a la comunidad científica, tal como lo hizo el artícul ..

Hace unos seis meses hablamos en el blog del controvertido descubrimiento hecho por investigadores del Instituto de Astrobiologí ..

Para todos nós que crescemos nos anos 60/70 a palavra NASA tem um significado quase mítico. Dez entre dez dos meus colegas de ja ..

Acaba de ser publicado um artigo de Richard B. Hoover sobre estruturas minerais no interior de um meteorito. A conclusão do cie ..

The 2010 has been the year of Venter's synthetic genome. What about 2011, new developments at the horizon? Synthetic physiology. ..

  The presence of life in the Universe has titillated scientists for centuries. The explosion of exoplanet discoveries thro ..

Ya ha pasado un año desde el comunicado de la NASA anunciando una conferencia donde se develaría "un descubrimiento astrobi ..

My first presentation at a major academic conference was in October 2000, during my second year as a Masters student.  It was an ..

GFAJ-1 Credit: Wolfe-Simon et al Almost a year and a half ago, NASA ignited a media firestorm after it announced the discovery o ..

I am participating in a seminar involving undergraduate journalism students and graduate students from my department (Ecology &a ..

Big claims require big proof, especially if they’re contrary to all scientific reasoning thus far. If I were to say, &ldqu ..

More on scientific malfeasanceWe commented a week or so ago on a piece in Science about misconduct in science, emphasizing, as d ..

Narrowing the definition of peer review to only validation standards, we may be exposing peer review in its least flattering lig ..

Scientists decide whether it’s time to redefine life’s redefinition. What happened? The paper was a bombshell. Felisa Wol ..

Remember when, in 2010, we told you about a team of researchers which claimed they found a bacteria that feasts on arsenic, inst ..

Mono Lake. Source. by Elio Let's come up with ways to tell definitively whether or not the nucleic acids in the Mono Lake bug ..

by Elio Life should be like the precious metals, weigh much in little bulk                                      Seneca (Roman ..

If you read this blog, you probably read about the report in Science describing a claim that scientists had isolated a bacterium ..

Image by Getty Images via @daylifeWhen Felisa Wolfe-Simon and her colleagues announced that they had found a bacterium that coul ..

…spielen ja immer wieder eine zentrale Rolle in der Auseinandersetzung um das Für und Wider der Pflanzenbiotechnologie. Ich hatt ..

The end of 2008 brought us the tabloid headline, Scan Scandal Hits Social Neuroscience. As initially reported by Mind Hacks, a n ..

Siempre que pensamos en vida extraterrestre una de las alternativas posibles de que exista es que las células sean capaces de su ..

Editor’s Note: Over the weekend Colin Schultz started a great discussion on his blog about the reading level of science blogs. H ..

Ultimo update: 17-12-2010Dopo l’entusiasmo iniziale (condiviso anche da me) derivato dalla lettura dell’articolo A Bacterium Tha ..

Image via Wikipedia Last Friday I spoke at the STM Innovation Seminar in London, taking in general terms the theme I’ve been ..

Lake Mono, courtesy of NASA. In December 2010, a big story broke: NASA researchers studying a species of bacteria from Lake Mono ..

Im Wissenschaftsteil der FAZ von heute findet sich ein lesenswerter Artikel von Joachim Müller-Jung zur Nutzung von Blogs und Mi ..

One of the things that inspired me to write a blog about science is that I believe science does not have to be “dumbed down” for ..

While watching the science news for you here at Discover blogs, we’ve seen our share of bad science coverage. Most of the time, ..

Before bioinformatics, I worked in both biochemistry and microbiology labs, including a stint in the field of extremophile biolo ..

Jetzt ist es raus: Bei der NASA-Pressekonferenz ging es nicht um ausserirdisches sondern um irdisches Leben. Dieses war aber so ..

Tenía pensado seguir con el tema del microbioma, pero había que concluir el tema de las "noticias impactantes" de la NASA.A mí m ..

Ciertamente, el artículo sobre la bacteria que puede utilizar arsénico en lugar de fósforo ha levantado polvareda. Así que el ob ..

A distant topic, yet not distant at all. Science, as a process, creates trustworthy knowledge; it has proven this over and over, ..

Harry Block: I’m no biologist, but how many cells do single-celled organisms have? Ira Kane: Harry, if we’re going to be big imp ..

Ages ago I wrote about the academic publishing model we biologists are subjected to*. Finally it seems as though the winds of ch ..

Yesterday, Science magazine published what are effectively two death certificates for arsenic life (1 2). These twin papers delv ..

The other day, Ed Yong put up a lovely post-mortem of how the media and blogosphere responded to the Science paper by Dr. Felisa ..

"Arsenic Life," a hot-button issue for much of the past year, reemerged this week with two new papers, one propitious, and one, ..

I first heard about this film in The Culture Show in the BBC. It  was good to see how the director of “Monsters”, Gareth Edwards ..

Quantum Tunnel Podcast – Sir Isaac Newton (Part I) You can download this podcast in iTunes o Feedburner. Image via Wikipedia S ..

(If you're looking for the long post I wrote on Saturday, the one that started the controversy about the Wolfe-Simon arsenic bac ..

Wolfe-Simon F, Blum JS, Kulp TR, Gordon GW, Hoeft SE, Pett-Ridge J, Stolz JF, Webb SM, Weber PK, Davies PC, Anbar AD, & Orem ..

Mercury News: New findings refute a controversial 2010 study published in Science that a bacterium in Mono Lake, California, can ..

Nature: A recent paper refutes once and for all the controversial findings of a 2010 study published in Science concerning a bac ..

David Sanders Yesterday, Science published two papers which undercut an earlier paper in the journal claiming to show evidence f ..

The science world has been abuzz with news that a 2010 Science paper on an arsenic-based strain of bacteria had been refuted by ..

There have been some very interesting articles in Scientific American this week and this one also caught my eye. Arsenic contami ..

First NASA had quite possibly discovered an alien lifeform.Then it was an earth bacteria that has a unique kind of arsenic-based ..

Critiche feroci alla scoperta del batterio all’arsenico di Marco Cagnotti Barry Rosen, un biochimico della Florida International ..

Life found on...California (photo from NASA) By now, you’ve probably heard about the “alien” arsenic bacteria discovered in a Ca ..

Mono Lake, where the arsenic bacteria was discovered Yes, the big NASA press conference was not about aliens, but instead about ..

This is indeed an interesting paper.  I have some questions about it; maybe I am misreading things.  Pardon the terseness.  I’ll ..

A recent Science paper describes "A bacterium that can grow by using arsenic instead of phosphorus", and molecular visualization ..

La notizia ormai sarà arrivata anche a voi. La tanto attesa conferenza stampa tenuta dalla NASA ieri sera non ha rivelato niente ..

La sua biochimica usa l’arsenico al posto del fosforo di Marco Cagnotti “La vita come noi la conosciamo richiede alcuni particol ..

A salt-loving (halophilic) bacterium which can grow in medium containing arsenic instead of phosphorus has been selected from th ..

Jeanne Garbarino recently discussed her observations about the science blogosphere (her Prezi about it, her post about it). Her ..

Alien Life & Scientific Skepticism: The Sequel In a bit of deja vu this week, a new paper stirred up fevered online debate a ..

Equipe de cientistas americanos, liderada por Felisa Wolfe-Simon, aparentemente fizeramfez uma interessante descoberta microbiol ..

Alien life!!"Arsenite...[incorporates into DNA] in the place of phosphate in the nucleotides during the synthesis of DNA.&q ..

Note: Serious concerns have been raised about the conclusions of this study. I’ve written a summary of the backlash in a separat ..

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リンをヒ素で代用して増殖することができる細菌 / A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus http://htn.to/3u43KL


Bookmarked: A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus: Annotations: ... http://t.co/BMV5c98Y

Reminds me of NASA's Felisa Wolfe-Simon's useless "Arsenic in DNA" paper ( http://t.co/1FnWHbAo ) Same sloppy work & overblown claims.

@LeslieLaGuapa c'est bien, deux ans apres la découverte par la NASA, on a enfin la traduction version française http://t.co/jn5yKSwH

@RosieRedfield WTF indeed! The ABSTRACT says that arsenic was being subs. for phosphorus into nucleic acids. http://t.co/C8FWZa3g

Absence of arsenate in DNA from arsenate-grown GFAJ-1 cells - http://t.co/4h2mkqah (Response to this paper: http://t.co/66D1blKz)

@the_learnaholic I like Felisa Wolfe-Simon's bacterial strain GFAJ-1 (Give Felisa A Job) http://t.co/Xjigmcbr

@AndreaObaid @DGalleguillos @Frescovic Al final del articulo salen los links a los comentarios http://t.co/nhbv84u6

@Julien_f C'est pas le fameux (et sacrément controversé) ADN à l'arsenic ? http://t.co/R1ceva86

"A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus" - The 2010 paper of controversy. http://t.co/9kGSjNvD #arseniclife #NASA

This is the study I mentioned earlier. http://t.co/z9hBgVgP. Sorry people, I have no access to it. I just read the excerpts in blogs.

ていうか「Pの代わりにAsで生命維持するバクテリア」の研究って論文に掲載されているのね。知りませんでした。:A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus http://t.co/LqHTBMHF

Nature http://t.co/ckJL9KNJ refutando a Science http://t.co/8Bbvtwm2 en aquella noticia que "cambiaba" los elementos necesarios para la vida

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus - http://t.co/aeiInQfn

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus - http://t.co/l0PgiRth

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus - http://t.co/VFfOPXHU

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus - http://t.co/aeiInQfn

否定された原著はこっちですね。1年で100回以上引用されてるんだな。インパクトは強い、新種・新属レベルの発見ではないもんな。ウーズのような新しいドメインの発見とは違う、もっと根源にさかのぼるもの。 http://t.co/MRQmZI4w

RT @as_expected: 否定された原著はこっちですね。1年で100回以上引用されてるんだな。インパクトは強い、新種・新属レベルの発見ではないもんな。ウーズのような新しいドメインの発見とは違う、もっと根源にさかのぼるもの。 http://t.co/MRQmZI4w

NASAの「ヒ素細菌」論文。2010年12月。|A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus http://t.co/pOWpiuFu

Arsenic... a potential substitute for phosphorus in DNA backbone!!!!!!! http://t.co/qYlvSW7q

Wow. My family & I swam in that lake. Let me tell you: it is special and worth a trip. http://t.co/l4e59jXz #science #disruptive

“@PLOSBiology: Good discussion of how "quality" and "impact" are actually different #scio13 #scio13alt” Indeed! http://t.co/Wk0CUTLa

Super cool vid about history in 2min http://t.co/vYi1DUWj If you like it, for more read:http://t.co/zFhHDL6w h/t @matthewcobb...

.@nprnews "Some Online Journals Will Publish Fake Science, For A Fee" <-- Yes indeed. For example, http://t.co/wIGeaZqXLC It's scandalous.

.@nprnews "Some Online Journals Will Publish Fake Science, For A Fee" <-- Yes indeed. For example, http://t.co/wIGeaZqXLC It's scandalous.

.@nprnews "Some Online Journals Will Publish Fake Science, For A Fee" <-- Yes indeed. For example, http://t.co/wIGeaZqXLC It's scandalous.

Outstanding claims require outstanding evidence. But that did not stop this #Science paper getting published... http://t.co/3yMOeob2PM

DAVID SANDERS on Wolfe-Simon F: http://t.co/VreW5XPOhL It has been argued that this article should be retracted on the basis of analysis of

Arsenic life paper cited 292 times, so if F. Wolfe-Simon came to UK she’d definitely be REFable: http://t.co/9oqBx5AV0I

Arsenic life paper cited 292 times, so if F. Wolfe-Simon came to UK she’d definitely be REFable: http://t.co/9oqBx5AV0I

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A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus

http://www.vietfreefun.com/forum/showthread.php?181673-Ch%C3%A2n-Kh%C3%B4ng-Di%E1%BB%87u-H%E1%BB%AFu Chân Không - Diệu Hữu NGUY ..

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus

Arsenic... a potential substitute for phosphorus in DNA backbone!!!!!!! http://t.co/qYlvSW7q ..

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus | Science/AAAS

Time to re-write the text books again. Apparently not all living things require phosphorous. This bacteria seems to have an ar ..

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus | Science/AAAS

Tíðindin reyndust stórmerk. Saltkær baktería, sem raunar tilheyrir fylkingu Gammapróteusargerla líkt og alþekktir gerlar á borð ..

A Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phosphorus | Science/AAAS

Arsenate-based Bacteria? There has been a lot of press in the past week about a Science paper about a novel microbe from lake Mo ..

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I never borrowed this pot (or words to this effect), says Felisa Wolfe-Simon in an e-mail to Scie... I never borrowed this pot ( ..

do you remember this science article? Bacterium That Can Grow by Using Arsenic Instead of Phospho... do you remember this scienc ..

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The Scientist Magazine

Rosie Redfield of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is redoing the work published last year by Felisa Wolfe-Simon ..

Science News

Scientists pound two more nails into the coffin of an incredible scientific claim ..

Science News

Scientists pound two more nails into the coffin of an incredible scientific claim ..

El País

La receta de la vida sigue, de momento, basada en seis ingredientes: carbono, oxgeno, hidrgeno, nitrgeno, fsforo y azufre. La re ..

Chemical & Engineering News

Biochemistry: Controversial microbe is likely a phosphorus scavenger ..

The Scientist Magazine

In 2009, Science published a paper linking chronic fatigue syndrome with the mouse virus XMRV, prompting a flurry of subsequent ..

Chemical & Engineering News

Research: Science publishes rebuttals to a sensational claim about DNA biochemistry. ..


Transport proteins show 4,000-fold preference for phosphate over arsenate.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2012.11520 ..

The Scientist Magazine

A few degrees difference in a single hydrogen bond angle prevents bacteria from importing arsenate in place of phosphate, a mole ..


Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe OnlineA 2010 controversial study that discovered a certain bacterium that used ..

Slate Magazine

On Jan. 15, 1992, an astronomer named Andrew Lyne stood up in front of several hundred colleagues at a conference in Atlanta to ..

Chemistry World

Chemistry World reviews the ground breaking research and important trends in this years crop of chemical science papers ..

National Geographic

A fake, error-ridden cancer study somehow passed "review" at hundreds of "open-access" science journals. ..

BBC News

The discovery of a bacterium that could substitute arsenic for phosphorus to survive has been challenged by new research. ..

Chemical & Engineering News

Researchers challenge a sensational claim, while others revisit arsenic biochemistry ..

New York Times

It was a provocative finding. Strange bacteria in a California lake thrived on something completely unexpected: arsenic. What it ..

The Guardian

For the past week, websites have been buzzing with rumours that Nasa was about to unveil something big, something to do with ext ..


From January to August of last year, John Bohannon submitted an academic study to 304 peer-reviewed scientific journals. All of ..

Chemistry World

William Bains worries that scientists are losing their way in the wild frontiers of research ..


Humanity is closer to discovering extraterrestrial life than we ever expected or, at least, life that shares a different origin ..

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The original reviews and author responses of this paper can now be found on the internet and help explain some of the origin of the controversy: (c... ..

DAVID SANDERS | Oct 22 2013 14:37 EST http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21127214#cm21127214_379 ..

Pedro Mendes | Oct 23 2013 13:52 ESTApart from the many comments that have appeared in the journal Science (listed above), Basturea GN, 2012 is also relevant in this discussion... ..

DAVID SANDERS | Oct 25 2013 13:42 ESTIt has been argued that this article should be retracted on the basis of analysis of the statistical data presented in it... ..

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