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Altmetric’s interface tracks online engagement to reveal how and where your research is making a difference.

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What can Altmetric help you achieve?

Thousands of conversations about scholarly content happen online every day. Altmetric tracks a range of sources to capture and collate this activity, helping you to monitor and report on the attention surrounding the work you care about.

Take a look at our solutions

Access and compare online attention to research

Altmetric Explorer

Uncover the wider influence of published research

Track thousands of online mentions all in one platform.

Showcase research influence

Altmetric Badges

See the dissemination of research at a glance

Consolidate online attention to research to complement traditional citation analysis.

Flexible data

Altmetric API

Leverage Altmetric data in the way that works best for your organization

Conduct more complex searches, ask granular questions, build custom visualizations and merge your own data.

Custom analysis and visualizations

Altmetric Consultancy

Order bespoke dashboards to answer your questions

Our data analysts can help you create a custom solution based on your organization’s needs.

Transform your approach to engagement tracking

Move beyond citations and listen in on the conversation

What our customers say about us

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“Altmetric has the potential to change the way we understand the impact that research has within academia and more importantly the wider impact that it has in society.”

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