Meet Our Team

Alex Enachioaie

Site Reliability Engineer

Alex became a member of the Altmetric team in March 2017 and remains bent on not being separated from the green Kentish valleys that became his home after leaving Romania years ago. He commutes into London from Canterbury every morning and helps provision, automate and support the infrastructure that makes the Altmetric magic possible.

When not at work, Alex (often clumsily) juggles his time between tending a vegetable plot and (re)watching the Star Trek series with his partner, reading, dabbling in citizen science projects and keeping the dust off of his Social Anthropology BA by trying to stay up to date with world issues, politics and events. He may also have a slight addiction to sourdough.

Favourite doughnut: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (Seriously though, Earl Grey doughnuts would be awesome)