Ambassador Program

Helping others understand the many benefits of altmetrics!

About the Ambassador program

ambassadorsWe launched the Altmetric Ambassadors program in July 2015 as a way of connecting with people with an interest in altmetrics, and helping them spread the word at their organisations.

We were delighted with the response to our call for applications, and are really pleased to now be working with such a fun and motivated group of new recruits, many of whom are already out running workshops, sharing best practice, and helping their colleagues navigate the altmetrics for their research.

Ambassador Resources

Presentations, posters, logos, and more are available to help Ambassadors with their outreach efforts. Log in

Who are the Altmetric Ambassadors?

Altmetric Ambassadors include researchers, librarians, publishers, and practitioners from more than 50 countries worldwide. They may be a geographically diverse group, but the thing our Ambassadors do have in common is their passion for altmetrics, and how they can illustrate the impact of research beyond the academic sphere.

Want to know if you’ve got an Ambassador in your region? Check out the map below to find out, and feel free to email us to request their contact details!