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Archive: May 2013

Good news for fans of iOS and altmetrics: iPhone and iPad users can now get Altmetric data on their devices using 2 cool (and free!) apps. Since mobile devices have been changing the way that many people choose to read scholarly papers, displaying the live altmetrics alongside the text is an interesting way to quickly give readers a feel for the social impact of an article.   Papership for iPhone and iPad Papership is a iPhone and iPad client for Mendeley that allows users to browse through their reference collections on their mobile devices. Created by the start-up … Read More
What kinds of research did people talk about in April?  In the past month, social media was abuzz with conversations about the life sciences, covering current trends as well as topics of a historical nature. Here is another Interactions monthly wrap-up featuring a selection of 5 new and popular articles in the Altmetric database. Data are accurate as of 30 April 2013.   [altmetric doi=”10.2183/pjab.89.157″ popover=”left” float=”right”] 1. “Internal radiocesium contamination of adults and children in Fukushima 7 to 20 months after the Fukushima NPP accident as measured by extensive whole-body-counter surveys” Published on 11 April in … Read More