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Archive: July 2013

The Altmetric Bookmarklet: a free and useful reading companion People are talking about scholarly papers online, but what are they saying? And what digital tools are they using to communicate their ideas? In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to the Altmetric Bookmarklet, a free browser tool that lets you easily find out how much attention that recent papers have received online. The image on the left gives you an idea of the data that you’ll see. First, the Bookmarklet shows you the Altmetric donut, which is colour-coded according to which sources have mentioned the article. Inside … Read More
What kinds of research did people talk about in June?  Here is another Interactions monthly wrap-up featuring a selection of 5 new and popular articles in the Altmetric database. Data are accurate as of 28 June 2013.   [altmetric doi=”10.1126/science.1238187″ float=”right”] 1. Direct Imaging of Covalent Bond Structure in Single-Molecule Chemical Reactions Published on 30 May 2013 in Science The incredible images featured in this Science article attracted a huge amount of online attention, instilling awe in both members of the public and scientists (see Altmetric details). The article described the first-ever visualisation of a molecule breaking … Read More