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Archive: November 2013

New Altmetric application launched on ScienceDirect We are very excited to announce the launch of a new 6-month pilot initiative with Elsevier, which involves the integration of the Altmetric badges into 26 journals on ScienceDirect. The participating journals, including The Lancet, Neuron, American Journal of Preventative Medicine, Current Biology, and Trends in Cognitive Sciences. ScienceDirect users will now see an “Article-level metrics” sidebar application on article pages of the participating journals. The sidebar application displays Altmetric data for the relevant article, including a visualisation, the article’s Altmetric score, and descriptions of the types and amount of attention the article has … Read More
Newsworthy papers dominated the High Five list for October. As usual, there was an emphasis on health-related matters, although a significant archaeological find and an interesting psychological study both captured public attention as well. Curiously, only 2 journals, Science and BMJ, captured all 5 top spots on this list. Here’s another monthly wrap-up of 5 new and popular articles picked from the Altmetric database. Data are accurate as of 4 November 2013.   [altmetric doi=”10.1126/science.1241224″ float=”right”] 1. Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain Published on 18 October in Science This paper quickly went viral after being … Read More
Searching for great blogs When I was a grad student studying pharmacology, I started blogging about science. Later on, my interest in writing and reading research blogs drew me into the altmetrics world. Since joining Altmetric as the data curator and blog editor, I’ve written a lot about the impact of blogs. In contrast, the data curation side of my job involves manually collecting news and blog sources for Altmetric. We require manual curation to ensure that the sources in our database are of good quality and have reliable … Read More