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Archive: January 2014

Thus far, this Interactions blog series has explored the online attention that flows around scholarly papers; the series has also attempted to determine how (and if) such attention provides evidence of a paper’s societal and/or academic impact. The Interactions: High Five posts examine the “top of the pops” for each month. Last year, we saw that the popularity of papers is largely determined by the reading and sharing habits of members of the public. We also saw similar popular themes crop up over and over again (notably in our 2013 Top 100 list); these tended to … Read More
We are pleased to announce that from today Altmetric will supply social media data from Twitter, G+, Reddit, and Facebook for individual researcher profiles on Launched in 2012, ImpactStory enables researchers to create a personal profile that tracks and shares citations, downloads, and online mentions of their scholarly papers, datasets, software, and other products. The integration of the Altmetric data offers significant improvement in the coverage of mentions of articles on these platforms for ImpactStory users. The need for article disambiguation in social media mentions … Read More
One of the great things about altmetrics is that they can bring to your attention papers which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Unless you have the time to endlessly trawl table of contents or RSS alerts, keeping up with the big news and developments in your field of interest is often a challenge. With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of the Altmetric widget generator. Built for bloggers, all you need to do to create your own custom embed code is input a keyword and/or select a subject area. The generator will … Read More
We are pleased to announce that the Genetics Society of America have integrated Altmetric data on the article pages in their two research journals: Genetics and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. As part of a 3-month trial, users will be able to view the altmetrics data for an article both on the abstract page or by clicking on the ‘Article Usage Statistics’ link: Popular articles from the journals to date include: [altmetric doi=”10.1534/genetics.113.152710″ float=”right”] Genome Engineering of Drosophila with the CRISPR RNA-Guided Cas9 Nuclease Scott Gratz et al. adapt a bacterial system to construct the Drosophila genome, and … Read More
As the New Year kicks off we have some big projects underway in the Altmetric office, including the addition of new sources to our article details pages, and the development of some brilliant new features and products. We begin the year with the exciting news that Altmetric data is now available on all PNAS articles! Details can be found via the ‘metrics’ tab near the top of each article. Clicking on the tab will reveal a summary of mentions of the article across news sites, blogs, social media and other online sources – which are visualised in the colourful … Read More