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Archive: February 2014

The Altmetric embeddable badges are a highly configurable addition for any website with scholarly content. However, the number and combinations of configurations for the badges can be overwhelming. What do each of the badge types look like? What do they look like with details on the right? How about with the popover? I realised it would be much simpler if somebody could directly configure a badge so that they can see how each option affects the final result. At Altmetric we have been trialling the idea of employee-driven projects on Thursday afternoons – called Hackternoons. I decided … Read More
With Sochi 2014 well underway, we thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a delve through the Altmetric data to find out a bit more about the research that’s been done on the winter olympics, and the attention it’s received. To do this, we ran a number of keyword searches in the Altmetric Explorer – terms used included ‘winter olympics’, ‘skiing’, ‘luge’, ‘snowboarding’, ‘ice hockey’ and ‘ice skating’. The results were interesting, to say the least. Papers which have received attention varied from a study on the labour market effects of the Salt … Read More
It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! Whether you are spending the day mooning over your loved one, celebrating your freedom with your friends, or trying to pretend such a total non-event does not even register on your calendar, it’s pretty hard to avoid. Have pity for the giver of the heartlessly abandoned gift balloon (currently to be seen floating around west London – I kid you not). In celebration of this joyous occasion we decided to take a look to see which research on the tricky topic of love has been receiving attention online. As it turns … Read More