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Archive: June 2014

To celebrate the launch of our new video, Founder Euan Adie takes a look back over the first few years of Altmetric – from the initial idea to building the team we are today:  What first got you interested in altmetrics? I used to work in bioinformatics, in a lab at Edinburgh University. I wrote a blog about interesting papers or methods I’d come across, and there was a great set of computational biology blogs by others that I’d read every day. I found those blogs far more useful than, say, journal … Read More
This is a guest post contributed by Paul Mucur – CTO at Altmetric. Following on from Oliver’s recent post about the inner workings of Altmetric, I’d like to talk a little more about how we work on the development side of the company, and more specifically about how we’ve had to change our working practices as we’ve grown. In the past year, we’ve had several new developers join the team and while we’ve been improving our infrastructure to cope with more sources and an ever … Read More
This is a guest blog post written by Mads Bomholt, Customer Support and Data Coordinator at Altmetric. Mads is also currently working towards a PhD in 19th Century Imperialism at King’s College London.  Scholars working in the humanities and social sciences are fundamentally changing their research practices to be more compatible with the behaviours which technology is imposing on us privately, socially and professionally. Being a PhD student in history I started reflecting how this is affecting my research and, possibly, a future career as an academic in the humanities. In this blog post I am going to … Read More