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Archive: August 2014

We listened to your feedback… … and we’ve made it easier to export article- and journal-level attention data from the Altmetric Explorer! Any users who frequently insert Altmetric data into custom reports, spreadsheets, and other documents, will now find the exporting capabilities to be more reliable. The new improvements specifically affect the “Export articles” and “Export journals” buttons, found in the Altmetric Explorer’s Articles and Journals tabs, respectively: The changes also apply to the “Export to Excel” buttons for any saved workspaces (formerly known as Reports) in the “My Workspaces” dashboard:   What’s new? First of all, exported … Read More
Yesterday Altmetric founder Euan took part in our first ever Ask Me Anything on the science subreddit. With the session title “Misuse of the Journal Impact Factor and focusing only on citations sucks, Ask Me Anything” the stage was set for an interesting and provocative discussion – and that is exactly what we got . You can view the full session here. Questions came in thick and fast from researchers and institutions, and they varied from how funders can or should be making use of altmetrics, to how we might encourage their take up amongst … Read More
Has your work been referenced in public policy? Whenever we talk to people about altmetrics, we explain how the attention data we collect may be able to help identify non-traditional forms of impact. So rather than only relying on citation counts and other traditional bibliometrics, we’re also interested in finding about the impact of research in society at large. As you might have already learned from our June press release announcing the launch of Altmetric for Institutions, we recently started tracking some highly impactful new sources of attention: policy and guidance documents. Specifically, we are now looking for references … Read More
Join us for the first ever Altmetric Ask Me Anything at 6pm BST/1pm EST on the 21st of August. Founder Euan Adie will be live on reddit to answer all and anything in the session: Misuse of the Journal Impact Factor and focusing only on citations sucks. “It’s Impact Factor season in the academic publishing world, with journals getting their latest scores… but while it’s an interesting indicator, journal level stats and looking only at citations only give you part of the picture when it comes to dissemination and impact. What about patient advocate … Read More
How do you usually share your article’s Altmetric data? We’ve seen many authors (and sometimes their publishers!) get excited about the level of attention their article has received, and then tweet a link to the corresponding details page. The cool thing about tweeting the article details page is that under the tweet, you can actually see a snippet of the details page with the article’s title and Altmetric score. Of course, clicking through to the details page itself gives you the breakdown of attention by source, with the actual mentions listed.   What happens when I print an article … Read More