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Archive: January 2015

On January 5th, Kelli Marshall published an article in the The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic”, in which she discussed the importance of having an online presence. Marshal argues “as an academic or would-be academic, you need to take control of your public persona and then take steps to build and maintain it”. She also points out; “if you do not have a clear online presence, you are allowing Google, Yahoo and Bing to create your identity for you”. Kelli talks about the need for academics to build and … Read More
Ever wanted to know more about Altmetric and altmetrics? Here’s a list of the conferences we’ll be presenting or represented at over the first part of 2015 – please do come along to a session or set up a meeting with us to learn about the tools we offer and the approach we take to monitoring and reporting on the attention and engagement surrounding research and other institutional outputs: Ontario Library Association meeting 28th – 31st January, Toronto Digital Science rep Stuart Silcox will be attending and happy to meet to discuss how altmetrics can be … Read More
2014 saw some major developments in altmetrics: new products were launched, working committees formed and more and more researchers, publishers, funders and institutions started to investigate how they might put these new metrics to use. As we go into 2015 we want to continue this trend. Much of the discussion last year focussed on what the numbers meant and how they should be interpreted. For us 2015 is about looking beyond the numbers. Although they help identify how much attention and engagement a research output has generated (which is why we have the Altmetric score), and where … Read More