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Archive: June 2015

Welcome to Altmetric’s “High Five” for June, a discussion of the top five scientific papers with the highest Altmetric scores this month. On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. The theme this month is BIG news. Study #1. Entering the sixth mass extinction   Close-up of the Endangered California Desert Tortoise, Gopherus agassizii. Photo (C) Paige Brown Jarreau.   Our top paper this month is “Accelerated modern human–induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction,” published in Science Advances. In this study, … Read More
In our first post in this blog series, we introduced the advantages of using altmetrics to curate your digital identity as a researcher. The aim of this post is to look in more detail at how you can do just that, and provide some tips for how to adapt your online activity to successfully promote your research. We also talked to Ethan White, Biology researcher at the University of Florida, and Jacquelyn Gill, Professor of Ecology at the University of Maine, to see what tips … Read More
This is a guest port contributed by Elaine Devine, Communications Manager (Author Relations), Taylor & Francis Group. Psychology, animal welfare, agricultural sustainability, defence analysis, palaeontology, higher education research, neuroscience, toxicology, ecology, nutrition. It’s a diverse list but what brings all these different areas of research together? Every one (plus more) is covered in a list of the 20 original research articles with the highest Altmetric scores, published across Taylor & Francis Group journals. The sheer diversity of this list highlights the enormous variety of research published, but also shows that any article has the potential to gain attention online; … Read More
Over the last few months, team Altmetric have been busy visiting our institutional customers running altmetrics training sessions and facilitating workshops. We’ve travelled from Washington D.C. to Melbourne to Cambridge, offering training support for teams across a number of universities. We’ve also run a fair few online webinars, training up our customers across Altmetric’s tools, running online tutorials and offering tips for implementing and rolling out Altmetric for Institutions. Primarily, we focus on running Train the Trainer sessions, ensuring Altmetric super users are tooled up to cascade altmetrics training across their institution. We also work hard to engage with … Read More
This is a guest post contributed by Heather Coates, Digital Scholarship & Data Management Librarian at IUPUI.  My perspective as a tenure-track librarian tends to be that of a practitioner-researcher. Practically speaking, this means that part of my job is to know how the scholarly ecosystem works – to understand how scholarly products are created, disseminated, used, curated, and evaluated. Over the past three years, I have taught several workshops sponsored by IUPUI’s Office of Academic Affairs on using citation metrics and altmetrics to demonstrate excellence and impact in promotion and tenure (P&T) dossiers. Read More