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Archive: January 2016

Over the last few years the topic of research metrics and evaluation has been increasingly discussed amongst researchers, funders and those in academic institutions. At the same time, publishers large and small have been quick to add these data to their platforms, in many cases by means of embedding the Altmetric donut badge you may have come across some of the journals you read. So what does the evolution of these new metrics mean for academic journal editors, and how can they ensure that their publication benefits from their application? In this blog post we’ll provide an overview of the … Read More
How can humanists increase the attention paid to their work, using insights from altmetrics? At the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in November, I debuted a study I’ve been working on with Jeremy McLaughlin (ASIS&T/SJSU) on the characteristics of altmetrics data for humanities scholarship archived on figshare. We shared some research-backed ways to stand out and promote one’s work amidst an ever-growing sea of web-native humanities scholarship. Below, we’ve adapted much of our talk for the purposes of this post. We expect to publish formally on our study in 2016. As regular readers of this blog likely know, altmetrics are the … Read More
Today we’re excited to announce our new integration between Explorer for Institutions and Elsevier’s Pure. This new connector enables Pure customers to populate Explorer for Institutions with their publications data with the minimum of technical effort. Our connector, powered by the Pure API, imports publications, people, affiliations and departmental hierarchies into Explorer for Institutions, enabling you to search and browse online attention surrounding outputs from your institution, alongside the entire Explorer database. Over the last year, we’ve developed a number of new EFI connectors for current research information systems (CRIS) and … Read More
The following post contains content excerpted under a CC-BY license from: McKiernan, Erin; E. Bourne, Philip; Brown, C. Titus; Buck, Stuart; Kenall, Amye; Lin, Jennifer; McDougall, Damon; Nosek, Brian; Ram, Karthik; Soderberg, Courtney; R. Spies, Jeffrey; Thaney, Kaitlin; Updegrove, Andrew; Woo, Kara; Yarkoni, Tal (2015): The open research value proposition: How sharing can help researchers succeed. figshare. Retrieved: 17 53, Dec 16, 2015 (GMT) Open access, open data, open source, and other open scholarship practices are growing in necessity and popularity, rapidly becoming part of the integral workflow of researchers. However, widespread adoption of many of these … Read More