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Archive: April 2016

Announcing Altmetric for Books at the Digital Science US Publisher Day 2016. What is Altmetric for Books? You may have heard the exciting news on Monday that we have launched our very first book-related product: Altmetric Badges for Books. We made the announcement in a press release and during a presentation on at the Digital Science US Publisher Day event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The service will be going live soon on the Taylor & Francis Routledge Handbooks Online platform. We’ve known for a long time that tracking attention for books and chapters … Read More
Stefanie Haustein speaks at Force 2016, Portland, OR, USA Let me be the first to say it: we’ve been needing a reality check on altmetrics for some time now. Too many people still confuse altmetrics with social media “buzz” alone. Critics denounce the movement for “trying to replace” traditional metrics. Everyone else seems to be concerned with how well altmetrics do (or do not) correlate with citations. Few are concerning themselves with whether or not altmetrics (as they are currently offered by the major altmetrics services) are meeting the needs of rank-and-file researchers. Academia is overdue for some … Read More
On the 19th April Altmetric, in partnership with MedComms Networking, hosted a workshop for representatives from the medcomms and pharmaceutical industry. The day-long event included guest speakers, workshops and some great discussion around the use of altmetrics for tracking engagement for industry-sponsored publications. The day began with an introduction from Ben McLeish, Product Sales Manager at Altmetric, and Peter Llewelyn, Medcomms Networking. As part of the introduction to altmetrics and the day ahead Peter and Ben introduced the Meetoo mobile app that was used during … Read More
Altmetric Workshop, National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, March 22, 2016 – Photo: Katarina Perić. CC-BY-SA The following post is an update from Serbian Altmetric Ambassador Milica Ševkušić, a Librarian at the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA in Belgrade. On March 22, 2016, two Altmetric Ambassadors in Serbia – Zorica Janković (librarian at the Institute of Biological Research Siniša Stanković) and Milica Ševkušić (librarian at the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA) organized a workshop on at the National Library of Serbia with a strong organizational support from KoBSON (Consortium … Read More
Altmetrics were a hot topic at this year’s Electronic Resources & Libraries meeting in Austin, appearing more than expected in talks throughout the conference. It was my first time attending ER&L, and I’m so glad I did! Here are my highlights from last week’s meeting. Understanding and Using Altmetrics for Collection Management: An Interactive Overview Workshop Along with Robin Champieux (OHSU) and a diverse group of librarians, I spent my Sunday afternoon deep-diving into the use of altmetrics, usage statistics, and data visualization tools to enhance collection management. In the workshop, Robin and I covered traditional collection evaluation methods … Read More
This is a guest blog post from Lenuta Ursachi – Librarian at Dunarea de Jos University Library, and Cristina Huidiu (@CristinaHuidiu) – Librarian at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Library Research assessment has long been a hot topic in Romania, with different initiatives introduced in order to get a deeper view on the impact of Romanian research A discussion about the research impact in the Romanian Higher Education (RHE) should consider the following aspects: the legal framework, the institutions responsible with the evaluation, type of publications, the indicators and other information relevant … Read More
This month’s Ambassador of the Month is Shaun Evans, a journal manager at the Open Access publisher, Frontiers. In his application to be an Ambassador, Shaun described himself as “Passionate about Open Access, desperate to see an end to archaic metrics (impact factor, h-index), [and an] advocate for citizen science and citizen engagement in science.” We emailed Shaun to learn more about his role at Frontiers and how altmetrics, in his opinion, can help publishers and authors alike. Tell me about your current work at Frontiers. What does a typical day involve for you? A typical day at … Read More