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Archive: May 2017

Since the launch of Altmetric Badges for Books last year, we’ve been fascinated to see the different types of attention that all sorts of books attract from all sorts of channels and audiences. Who knew, for example, that a computer algorithm could now recreate a Van Gogh, or the extent of influence that the ancient Egyptian’s have on our daily life? These scenarios are just a small snapshot of the huge amount of engagement we see happening online every day. Data … Read More
Our second Ambassador Spotlight interview for 2017 is with Innocent Awasom, Associate Librarian at Texas Tech University. Innocent has been an Altmetric Ambassador since March 2015 and is passionate about spreading the word about altmetrics and the importance for both researchers and institutions to embrace new methods for tracking impact. Innocent’s role at Texas Tech involves advising and running workshops for students on how to incorporate altmetrics in their workflows, as well as making recommendations to colleagues on how they can use altmetrics to inform strategic planning. We spoke to Innocent about his role, his involvement in the … Read More
The following guest post was written by Lily Troia, Engagement Manager at Altmetric. Altmetrics offer researchers and organizations powerful insights into conversations happening around scholarship, yet achieving widespread adoption of altmetrics, especially at academic institutions, can often feel like a Sisyphean endeavor. Much like advocating for any new digital tool, approach, or culture shift, advocating for use of altmetrics requires a concerted, yet reflexive approach, strategic communication and outreach, and above all, alignment with organizational mission and vision. ‘Much like advocating for any new digital tool, approach, or culture shift, advocating for use of … Read More
Lots of researchers tell us they love seeing and exploring the altmetrics for their work, but aren’t always sure what to take make of it, or what to do as a result of what they find. In this blog post we’ll provide some pointers for interpreting your altmetrics, and what you can look to do as a next step. 1. Finding the altmetrics for your content There are several ways you can find altmetrics for your publications, and not necessarily just the metrics provided by Many publishers now include the Altmetric badges on their … Read More
Welcome to the Altmetric High Five for April! On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. This month’s papers describe high-impact findings that have to potential to change our perspectives on various scientific issues and questions. But some of these findings are controversial, and often require more evidence if they are to be paradigm shifts in our understanding of the world. Illustration: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia / Nature Communications Paper #1. Artificial Wombs Our first High Five paper is “An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the … Read More