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Archive: March 2018

In May last year we announced that Dr Evan Goldstein  Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was the winner of this year’s Altmetric Research Grant. We recently asked Evan to write us a summary of the progress he’s made with his project so far for our blog and he was happy to oblige…   Time flies. Almost a year ago I set out to investigate questions related to ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ scholarly mentions in Wikipedia using a > 33,000 article corpus from the high impact, high volume (>1000 … Read More
The following guest post was written by Heidi Becker, Digital Solutions Specialist for Altmetric and Dimensions at Digital Science. One day in a staff meeting, I listened to a fascinating presentation on a research project the foundation I was working for had funded. After the presentation was over, it was time for questions. One of the very first questions, from the back of the room, was “This is great – has anyone picked it up? Is anyone talking about it?” I practically leapt from my seat. You see, three years prior to this question being asked, it … Read More
Welcome to the February High Five! We’re departing from our regular format of analyzing of the top five most mentioned papers from the past month. From now on, each month we’ll examine the papers that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! This month we’ll be focusing on the papers published in February that we’ve tracked the most attention for in global news outlets. #1: The earliest art scene was created by Neanderthals Our first paper is ‘ … Read More