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Archive: July 2018

The following guest blog post was written by Sara Rouhi, Director of ​Engagement & Advocacy at Altmetric & Dimensions. Whether you’re a researcher submitting a grant application, a tenure and promotion committee reviewing a dossier, or a communications officer looking to engage with the perfect online influencer to share your institution’s research, you’re ultimately looking for actionable insights. You want to find that needle in the haystack that qualitatively demonstrates that the work has impacted a particular audience. And you’ll want to know how you can use that needle to weave reports and narratives … Read More
CC-BY WOCinTech Chat / flickr Scientometrics researchers are well aware of how difficult and expensive it can be to access data for a bibliometrics study. That’s why Altmetric has created a free, easy way to find altmetrics data for research purposes: the Altmetric Researcher Data Access Program. In this post, I’ll introduce the Altmetric Researcher Data Access Program, explaining the criteria for accessing our data, how to access our data in a format that suits your needs, and how to apply to the Researcher Data Access program. About the Altmetric Researcher … Read More
Welcome to the June High Five! On a monthly basis, the High Five post highlights the papers that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! This month we’ll be focusing on the papers published in June to which we’ve captured the most videos on YouTube. #1 Immunotherapy Photo by Immunotherapy is magic under CC 2.0 Our first paper is “Immune recognition of somatic mutations leading to complete durable regression in metastatic breast cancer … Read More
This is the fourth in a series of blog posts on the role Twitter plays in scholarly communication by, scientometrics researcher, Stefanie Haustein. Tweets linking to scientific articles occur shortly after publication and Twitter activity often runs dry a few days later. The short-lived attention points to Twitter being used to spread the word about new publications rather than discussing them in-depth, as we discussed in last week’s blog post. In today’s post, we will analyze the temporal patterns of Twitter activity. As in … Read More