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Archive: February 2019

Suze Kundu, Head of Community Engagement at Digital Science, investigates the insights and trends in the gender balance of authors featured in the 2018 Altmetric Top 100. For each of the last six years, Altmetric have provided us with a little Christmas present in the form of the Altmetric Top 100. Collated at the end of each year, the Top 100 delivers a rundown of the hundred articles of that year that gained the most attention. Often these mirror major world events, such as the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2013 and the Zika virus … Read More
In another of our monthly blog post written by Science Wordsmith Lucy Goodchild, we explore the findings and attention around a piece of research published in the previous month that caught the public’s attention. Listen to the accompanying podcast here. Why the results of a trial in the New England Journal of Medicine hit the headlines The world has been captivated by sunshine pills: vitamin D supplements hold so much promise, having been hailed as a miracle cure for a whole range of things, from bone strength to immune system function to cancer reduction. But do they really have such a … Read More
Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations at Altmetric, breaks down five of the most useful and interesting tidbits about Altmetric data.    Though Altmetric’s name is practically synonymous with altmetrics as a larger field of practice, there are a lot of things the larger community may not know about our data and how we track it! We’ve collected 95.8 million mentions of 12.4 million works to date, across 17 distinct types of data sources. Altmetric tracks research in all its diverse formats: books, articles, data sets, clinical trials, book chapters, news stories, websites, blog posts, reports, white papers, and … Read More