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Archive: March 2019

At Altmetric, we’re keen to see our data used to make advances in scholarly communication. To that end, we offer an annual research grant of up to $2,000 USD for a project that makes new discoveries about how research is shared and discussed online. Since 2016, the Altmetric Research Grant has funded research into: How to identify the research that will later make it into public policy documentsWho adds scholarly citations to Wikipedia articles, and when and how they do itHow research is shared in China and amongst the Chinese-speaking diaspora via WeChat “Official Accounts” For … Read More
To celebrate this Academic Book Week we are pleased to release a report which sums up the learnings from a pilot project undertaken jointly by the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) and Altmetric. The aim of the project, which ran throughout 2017, was to understand how altmetrics could support the many functions of a university press: recruiting new monograph ideas and authors, marketing a press’s current publications and backlist, tracking sales, and more. The six participating university presses were given access to the Altmetric Explorer and in exchange the presses provided us with detailed metadata … Read More