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Archive: May 2019

Introducing our latest Altmetric Explorer filters: Funders & Open Access Status. Register for our webinar on May 28th for demonstration of how this new functionality will allow users to quickly see and report on the engagement around funded research, understand the influence Open Access has on online attention and much more. We’re very pleased to announce that today we’ve introduced some crucial new functionality to the Altmetric Explorer. Our new search and filter options will allow you to find out how and by whom research funded by a specific organization and/or published Open Access has been discussed online. Read More
Implementation Manager, Charlotte Perry-Houts, walks through how to share your published research online so that it gets tracked by Altmetric. You’ve just published your research online – congratulations! Whether you’ve posted a preprint, uploaded a data set to a repository, or reached the end of the peer review journey and seen your article go online, you’re probably excited to share your work with the world. Altmetric can start tracking attention to your research as soon as it goes online! To ensure that Altmetric captures your mentions, it helps to understand how we track attention to research. This diagram illustrates … Read More