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Archive: July 2019

In another of our monthly blog post written by Science Wordsmith Lucy Goodchild, we explore the findings and attention around a piece of research published in the previous month that caught the public’s attention. Listen to the accompanying podcast here. We know the power of ‘puppy dog eyes’ – that irresistible look that dogs use to wind their humans around their paws. Now scientists have shown that the facial movement is peculiar to dogs, and it has evolved since domestication as a result of their interaction with people. The idea for the study came about several years ago, when … Read More
We speak to Jennifer Regala, Managing Editor of The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology, and Liz Allen, Director of MarCom & Strategic Development at Annual Reviews, about the addition of Altmetric top lists to their websites and how they have benefited their readers, authors, librarians and more. A number of our publisher customers are focusing their audiences’ attention by highlighting their most talked about publications via a “top” Altmetric list. These lists are created using the Altmetric API along with a few lines of magic code and can appear in a variety of different ways on various parts of publishers’ … Read More
Christina Chan-Park, Science Librarian at Baylor University, describes the 2019 Altmetric Research Grant winning project that her team intends on completing. Our research team from Baylor University (Christina Chan-Park, Science Librarian; Clayton Crenshaw, Music Librarian; and Sha Towers, Interim Associate Dean of Central Libraries and liaison librarian to art and theatre) is honored and excited to receive the 2019 Altmetric grant. Our research is motivated by the trend at Baylor, as at many other universities, to showcase the impact of its faculty through data. Research information management (RIM) systems such as Digital Measures and Academic Analytics are increasingly used to … Read More