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Archive: September 2019

In the second post of a new blog series, Head of Metrics Development Mike Taylor explores how Altmetric and Dimensions data can be used to build research narratives. This blog post has also been published on the Dimensions blog. Sidebar: The subject of this blog came about as a result of a tip-off, from my colleague Dr Juergen Wastl of Digital Science Consultancy. Juergen suggested I take a look at the science of plastic biodegradation, and in particular, the role played by the Greater Wax Moth, or Galleria mellonella. Mike is very happy to receive suggestions for the blog: … Read More
Research is key to mastering the grand challenges that society faces, from climate change to curing cancer. Using evidence to make policy and assess short- and long-term implications of research require both expertise and resources. Scientometric research is critical to understand the complex research ecosystem, but this requires that scientometricians have the available information and tools to conduct this research. In order to make advances in the field of scientometrics, it’s obvious that researchers should have easy, direct access to: A diverse set of research information—not only publications and citations, but also grants, patents, … Read More