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Archive: January 2020

Have you ever wondered how to use altmetrics to enhance a CV or grant application? Or perhaps you would like to use altmetrics to describe your potential research impact on a website or in a presentation but aren’t sure how to do it. This blog post will walk you through some ideas on how you can incorporate altmetrics into a narrative format to communicate the attention your work is receiving online.    Establishing Context Whether you’re using bibliometrics or altmetrics to discuss the potential impact of your work, it is best to provide your reader with … Read More
Keeping track of the quality of your institution’s research is essential, but gathering a complete picture of the response to your publications can be challenging. In this interview, we speak to Sahar Abuelbasher, Research Metrics Analyst at the University of Sussex. Sahar is responsible for reporting on the performance of Sussex’s research using a range of metrics and presenting her insights so that they can be practically applied to improve the University’s research strategy. Sahar tells us about how she uses Altmetric data and tools within her role at Sussex, how it has helped improve their research promotions and how … Read More