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Archive: April 2020

Lucy Goodchild explores the findings and attention around a piece of research published in the previous month that caught the public’s attention. Listen to the accompanying podcast episode here. In the depths of the Madagascan jungle, a frog sits next to a pond on the forest floor, barking out its distinctive call – five pulsed notes delivered loudly among the symphony of about 150,000 species that are endemic to the island. It’s relatively new territory for the frog – over the course of several decades, it has been forced gradually higher, by more than half a kilometer … Read More
Being able to deliver messaging that effectively influences your target audience is the dream of any marketing team. For publisher marketing teams, engaging your authors in the promotion of their titles can boost your marketing strategy and get your titles noticed.  Altmetrics data can help; they make the perfect complement to your traditional books data.  They can help you, and your authors, understand the big picture of book impact.   Using altmetrics help you understand the big picture of book impact Altmetrics data gives you immediate insight into online mentions of your books so … Read More