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Archive: July 2020

Lucy Goodchild explores the findings and attention around a piece of recent research that caught the public’s attention. Listen to the accompanying podcast episode here. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are information hungry: we want to know what’s happening around the world, and how we can stay safe and healthy, and look after each other. We’re looking everywhere for information – including on social media. But not everyone is finding trustworthy content. Heidi Li, a medical student at the University of Ottawa, was in a supermarket when she noticed that among the people hoarding supplies, … Read More
There’s little doubt that we are currently living in historic times. But what does the data from Facebook, blogs and news headlines on Covid-19 research tell us?  That’s what our 2020 Research Award winners hope to find out. Our award winners are Dr Fabio Castro Gouveia, a scientometrics and altmetrics specialist at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Brazil, and Dr Elaine Rabello, a researcher with dual appointments at the Institute of Social Medicine, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Wageningen University, Netherlands.  Dr Fabio Castro Gouveia (left) and Dr Elaine Rabello (right) are the winners of the 2020 … Read More
What role does social media play in health support and nursing education, and indeed; can it be used to influence patient outcomes? In a new special episode of the Altmetric Podcast, Digital Science’s Mike Taylor talks to children’s nurse and Senior Lecturer in Non-Medical Prescribing Kate Davies about her experience of using social media to connect directly with families impacted by particular conditions.  Mike and Kate explore how social media can bridge a gap for patients, and make it easier for those who can benefit from support materials and useful research to access them in a timely way: … Read More