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Archive: October 2020

Lucy Goodchild explores the findings and attention around a piece of research published recently that caught the public’s attention. Listen to the accompanying podcast episode here. Every year, between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Most of the research and interventions focus on the plastic that floats at or near the surface. But what about the denser items that sink to the bottom? Surprisingly, LEGO is one of the items often found piling up on the seabed. It can get caught up in fishing nets or washed up on the shore … Read More
Those of you who are interested in current affairs may have noticed that a certain biomedical phenomenon has occupied much of the media’s attention over the last few months. Since we’ve covered this before, in both webinars and blog posts, I’ve decided to mostly look in a different direction and write about the other things that have been getting attention in the last three months. Not that we can get away from COVID19! As we’ve talked about before, the interest in research into the novel coronavirus has been as immense as the volume of … Read More