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Archive: January 2021

Lucy Goodchild explores the findings and attention around a piece of research published in the previous month that caught the public’s attention. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a phrase you’ve probably heard – or even used – and it’s often uttered by typically masculine men. Immortalized by Bon Jovi in the 1990s, the phrase conjures images of rock stars, CEOs and politicians. But why do we make that link? According to research, there’s a commonly held perception that men who sleep less are more masculine. And the psychologists behind the study believe this … Read More
The Altmetric Explorer provides search and analytical capabilities to help you understand trends and gather insights in Altmetric data. It also lets you run reports and download data for analysis using tools such as Excel. Explorer is divided into 7 tabs; you can dig into attention for any search by using the different tabs located at the top of the database. This quick overview will introduce you to each tab, but to learn more about the interface and searching, view an introductory guide for Institutions, Publishers, or Pharma.  In the upper right corner of each … Read More