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Archive: August 2021

Unlike the majority of our blog posts which are intended to tell you about new and existing things happening at Altmetric, the purpose of this post is actually just to tell you that something has not changed. 🙂  You may have seen a blog post by Kent Anderson last week which indicated that Altmetric has changed the way we score Twitter as part of the Altmetric Attention Score. This is incorrect. We have not changed the Altmetric scoring algorithm. What we have done recently is update our documentation. Like everyone, we do this from time to time whenever … Read More
In the last week alone, Altmetric has tracked almost 170,000 new mentions of research from Wikipedia. That’s 170,000 times research is being cited on a site that, in the last year, has received over 266 billion pageviews.   If you want to know if your research is reaching the public domain and influencing wider understanding of an area, this is arguably a pretty useful indicator.  Since January 2021 Altmetric has significantly extended its coverage of Wikipedia – what began in 2015 with the English version … Read More