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Archive: November 2021

Being able to evidence where, when and how your research has been shared and discussed is crucial to Horizon Europe projects. Altmetric can help you evidence the reach and influence of your research, but in addition, you will need to formulate an executable dissemination and exploitation strategy. In this blog post, we share some tips and tricks to help get your work out there.  In preceding programs, particularly Horizon 2020, researchers were encouraged to have a dissemination plan for their research. This mostly consisted of making publications Open Access, and networking … Read More
As we shared in our November 10th blog, we have decided not to produce our traditional Top 100 this year. We’re taking the year off to rethink and refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research to produce a format that focuses our analyses on the unique opportunities our data offers: identifying emerging trends, highlighting examples of great engagement, and encouraging researchers to communicate their research and its outcomes as effectively as possible. In place of our usual Top 100, our Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, is paying tribute … Read More
Re-imagining the Altmetric Top 100  Many of you will be familiar with the annual Altmetric Top 100. Launched in 2013, this list highlighted the most-mentioned scholarly publications from the year, and featured much-discussed topical research that had caught the wider public’s imagination.  Since its launch, the Top 100 has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research to have – and through our data we have shown that communicating beyond the academy is critical to the broader dissemination and application of academic study.  Given the evolving … Read More
In the Advanced Search of Altmetric Explorer, you can filter your search results in many different ways. In this post, we’ll discuss how to search by scholarly identifier, FOR code, GRID, and ORCiD. To get started, open the Advanced Search menu by clicking the ‘Edit Search’ button at the top of the screen in the database. There are many ways to refine your search, and you can use one or more filters at a time. Please note that your interface may look different depending on your organization’s subscription and data integration. Search by Scholarly Identifier … Read More