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Archive: December 2021

As we shared in our last two blogs (the Old School Remix and Feat. Subjects), we have decided not to produce our traditional Top 100 this year. We’re taking the year off to rethink and refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research to produce a format that focuses our analyses on the unique opportunities our data offers: identifying emerging trends, highlighting examples of great engagement, and encouraging researchers to communicate their research and its outcomes as effectively as possible. In place of our usual Top 100, our Head of Data Insights, Mike … Read More
The Altmetric Explorer enables you to search for a variety of different types of research outputs, including journal articles, books, data sets, and clinical trials. In this post, we’ll discuss how to search for clinical trials. You can use this feature to keep track of the attention your company’s clinical trials are receiving, gain insight on a specific competitor product, or you can search broadly for all trials in a therapeutic area. As of December 2021, Altmetric tracks attention to trials from using National Clinical Trial IDs or NCT … Read More
It’s increasingly vital for corporate scientific teams to get a full picture of their research’s reach and influence. These insights can help you build a case for future investment, refine your research and communication strategies, and connect with key online influencers. But how do you uncover this full picture – and how do you get the data in a way that’s easy to understand and tailored to your needs?  Bespoke dashboards built with Altmetric and Dimensions data use established concepts like Share of Voice and Key Opinion Leader to create a data-driven … Read More