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A look back at 1AM

Euan Adie, 3rd October 2014

It’s been a week now since the 1AM conference, which we organized along with Springer, eLife, Elsevier, PLoS and the Wellcome Trust.

To get a flavour of the event here are some posts from Eleanor Beal (Royal Society), Lucy Lambe (Imperial), Brian Kelly (Cetis), a news piece in THE and Andy Tattersall (Sheffield). Barring a couple of sessions where there were technical difficulties the whole thing was streamed and you can watch it back on YouTube. We’ll be putting slides up on the website and you can already find some on the Lanyrd page.

Even better, all sessions were covered by invited bloggers and you can find those posts on the 1AM blog.

We wanted the event to be inclusive (there was absolutely no restriction on who could come, tickets were £15 and we had an extensive travel grants – I think almost everybody who applied ended up being covered) and to focus on people using alternative data & alternative outputs rather than jut present two days worth of demos from tool makers.

To that end we compressed all the product update stuff into the first hour and a half of the schedule, then used the rest of the two days to hear from some great speakers covering librarian, funder, publisher and researcher viewpoints.

What became clear I think was just how broad the field is, and how that can cause problems when people from different communities come together to discuss it: ‘impact’ means different things to a publisher than to a funder, and the end goals for altmetrics in general vary from user to user. In some areas people are rushing ahead with new data and approaches, and in others they are keener to move slowly and balance promise with the desire to ensure that the data is meaningful.

A highlight for me was the discussion groups on each of the days – I thought that lots of people were engaged and many good suggestions and questions were raised. On that note we probably could have done with longer coffee breaks so that people had a chance to talk to each other more frequently.

Here’s the wrap-up we did at the end (hurriedly put together from notes taken over the two days):

If you came along – thanks again! There are going to be feedback forms going out soon so definitely highlight what worked (and what didn’t).

If you didn’t make it this year – 2AM is set for 2015, see you there!

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