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A short guide to keeping up-to-date on altmetrics

Stacy Konkiel, 25th August 2016

The field of altmetrics is fast-changing, with new research coming out weekly that gives us new insights as to altmetrics’ many meanings, interpretations, and uses.

Plus, altmetrics themselves are ever-changing: new data sources are constantly appearing and often being deprecated across the major altmetrics services.

Keeping up with all these changes can be a bit of a bear. We’ve compiled a list of resources (social media streams, conferences, journals, and researchers) that can help!

These resources are current as of August 2016.

Journals to read

High-quality altmetrics research is often published in the following journals:

Frontiers in Research Metrics & Analytics is a recently launched journal that will likely include relevant altmetrics research, as well. Open Access altmetrics research is also often shared in the Digital Libraries section of Arxiv and on many researchers’ personal websites.

Researchers to follow

While many researchers dabble in altmetrics research, some scientometricians regularly publish valuable insights in the field. Here are a few to follow:

The researchers listed above are by no means the only scholars contributing to altmetrics. We encourage you to explore the field further using article recommendation services like Sparrho and Google Scholar (and of course via good-old-fashioned expert search skills, which are in no short supply for librarians!)

Social media spaces to monitor

Twitter is the single best place to stay up-to-date with altmetrics research and industry news. Follow the #altmetrics and #altmetria hashtags, the Altmetric Ambassadors and Bibliometrics Experts lists, and the below Twitter accounts for the latest information:

Relevant research occasionally surfaces on’s “Altmetrics” section, as well.

Conferences to attend

There are a growing number of conferences devoted solely to altmetrics and the related fields of bibliometrics and webometrics:

If you are unable to attend these meetings in person, proceedings, recordings, and conference tweets can often be followed from afar. Check out each meeting’s website for more information.

The attitude to maintain

If there’s one thing that can help you stay up-to-date on altmetrics, it’s understanding that what we know about this data is likely to change a lot over time!

You should always keep challenging your own opinion of altmetrics, and regularly ask yourself: how has the field changed in the last few months? What research has emerged on the types of impact and altmetrics that are relevant to me? What’s changed in the altmetrics industry that’s worth knowing about?

Altmetrics is a fast-changing field of study. By following the recommendations above, you’ll be in-the-know on all major developments, in no time.

Do you have a favorite source of altmetrics news that we didn’t share here? Leave it in the comments below!

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Alejandro Uribe Tirado
August 25, 2016 at 12:00 am

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