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All About Altmetric’s Sources

Jean Liu, 24th June 2013

SourcesWe receive a lot of questions about the sources that we track. On our new website, we’ve put up a lot of detailed information about Altmetric’s data sources, including Twitter, mainstream news outlets, blogs, and others.

On the main Sources page, you’ll find information at a glance about 4 key points for every source:

  1. Activity: How actively the source is used as a communication medium.
  2. Level of Insight: The depth of the insights that a typical mention in the source delivers.
  3. Content Creators: The kinds of users who create content in this source.
  4. Collection Time: The approximate length of time it takes Altmetric to collect and display mentions from the source.

On pages relating to individual sources, you’ll find expanded descriptions and data (e.g., the number of tweets collected per day).

More information about the sources we track can be found on our Altmetric Support site here.


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Dan Elton
January 21, 2016 at 12:00 am


The links are broken. I am looking for the list of news outlets that you track.


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