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Introducing the Altmetric Advisory Board

Jean Liu, 19th May 2016

Listening to feedback is our #1 priority

At Altmetric, we always take an “outside in” approach to product development, which is informed by feedback from users, customers, and other stakeholders at every step of the journey. Our Altmetric Beta Tester Programme helps us embed user research directly into development sprints, allowing us to work with users to test run features that aren’t available to the public yet. (By the way, if you haven’t joined the Altmetric Beta Tester Programme yet, e-mail us to get involved!)

Not only do we emphasise the importance of listening to our users as we build new functionality, but we also take customer support very seriously, dedicating an entire team to support/implementations and providing a wealth of helpful training resources. Furthermore, we look to the fantastic altmetrics community for guidance on best practices. As our involvement in the NISO Alternative Metrics Initiative demonstrates, we are always looking for ways to keep the ideas of the altmetrics community at the heart of what we do.

Because the way that altmetrics are being used can vary greatly, we wanted to always be sure Altmetric’s products meet the needs of the greater research community. As a result, we decided to establish the very first Altmetric Advisory Board. With an Advisory Board, we knew that we could take the time to really explore deep questions with a dedicated group of experts.


Why did we establish an Altmetric Advisory Board?
The purpose of the Altmetric Advisory Board is to obtain objective, outside input on 3 areas related to Altmetric products:

  1. Altmetric Product Functionality. The Board provides input on proposed features and the Altmetric roadmap. They also help to identify or define new functionality.
  2. Altmetric Source Content. The Board helps us to identify appropriate types of sources of attention to be included for tracking by Altmetric and to establish appropriate curation policies (for adding new sources and also dealing with potential missed mentions).
  3. Best Practices for Altmetrics. The Board helps us define best practices as to how altmetrics data can be interpreted, used, and communicated to the greater research community, e.g., establishing methods to prevent misuse of altmetrics.


Who are the Altmetric Advisory Board members?

In order to obtain balanced and informed input, the Altmetric Advisory Board includes many individuals who work within the research ecosystem (e.g., as researchers, publishers, librarians, research administrators, etc.). We have 12 expert members on our Advisory Board (including our Chair, Dr. Amy Brand, who is the Director of The MIT Press), representing organisations from the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Have a look at this new page on our website, which provides more background information about our great Advisory Board members:

  • Amy Brand – The MIT Press (USA)
  • James Hardcastle – Taylor & Francis (UK)
  • Joy Kirchner – York University (Canada)
  • Martin Kirk – University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Jo Marsh – Wellcome Trust (UK)
  • Terrie Moffitt – Duke University and King’s College London (USA & UK)
  • Cameron Neylon – Curtin University (Australia)
  • Cassidy Sugimoto – Indiana University Bloomington (USA)
  • Scott Taylor – University of Manchester (UK)
  • Jane Tinkler – Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (UK)
  • Charles Watkinson – University of Michigan Library (USA)
  • Juergen Wastl – University of Cambridge (UK)

Our Advisory Board members currently are serving terms until August 2017, so we do not have any open seats at the moment. However, if you are interested in becoming an Advisor in future (or want to nominate a colleague to become one), please get in touch with me.


Activities of the Advisory Board

We hosted an initial conference call in September 2015, as well as an extremely productive in-person meeting at our London office in March 2016. We had a packed agenda during the in-person meeting, covering topics such as the 2016 Altmetric roadmap, Altmetric for books, researcher engagement, use cases and usability of the Altmetric Explorer, as well as reporting altmetrics data in institutions.

Going forward, we’ll continue to consult with our Advisors on a regular basis. Our intent is to, where possible, implement the decisions and recommendations of the Advisory Board, so do stay tuned to future updates on this blog to see how the Advisory Board is helping us develop our products.

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