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#altmetchat with Atila Iamorino

Josh Clark, 26th July 2016

On Thursday last week we hosted our second #Altmetchat, this time with Atila Iamarino. Atila is a science communicator at Nerdologia, Brazil’s largest science YouTube channel with almost 1.5 million subscribers, where they explain pop culture using science.

We asked Atila a a series of questions focusing of his use of altmetrics when tracking the attention his work has received, what he finds are the most effective tools for promoting research online, his work with Brazilian online scientific library SciELO and what he thinks the future of altmetrics is. We also had some great questions from our Twitter followers, ranging from what Atila’s definition of altmetrics is to the importance of video quality vs content.

Check out the Storify below to read the whole conversation:

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