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#altmetchat with Atila Iamorino

Josh Clark, 26th July 2016

On Thursday last week we hosted our second #Altmetchat, this time with Atila Iamarino. Atila is a science communicator at Nerdologia, Brazil’s largest science YouTube channel with almost 1.5 million subscribers, where they explain pop culture using science.

We asked Atila a a series of questions focusing of his use of altmetrics when tracking the attention his work has received, what he finds are the most effective tools for promoting research online, his work with Brazilian online scientific library SciELO and what he thinks the future of altmetrics is. We also had some great questions from our Twitter followers, ranging from what Atila’s definition of altmetrics is to the importance of video quality vs content.

Check out the Storify below to read the whole conversation:

#altmetchat with Atila Iamorino

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  9. Q1 Hi @oatila to start with please can you introduce yourself and your role at Nerdologia? #altmetchat
  10. @altmetric #altmetchat Atila, we learn amazing things watching your videos. But what is the most important thing you have ever learned […]
  11. A1.1 I’m a biologist and PhD in Virology, and started writing about science in my blog and @scienceblogsbr #altmetchat
  12. A1.2 Now I write and narrate @Nerdologia’s videos together with @XadrezVerbal, mixing science and pop culture. #altmetchat
  13. A2.1 I was one of the translators and managers of @ResearchBlogsPT, an indexer of article citations in blog posts. #altmetchat
  14. A2.3 I got in touch with @researchremix and @jasonpriem articles and they changed how I thought about citations and metrics. #altmetchat
  15. A2.4 At the same time, I was writing about Flu in my blog and realising the public need for scientific information in new media #altmetchat
  16. @altmetric @oatila In porcentages, what is the importance of video and editing quality vs content?
  17. Q3 @oatila Could you tell us about your work with @redescielo to promote altmetrics? How did this come about? #altmetchat
  18. A3.1 Because of the blog and my virology background, in 2009 I wrote a blog about Swine Flu for @bireme, a @redescielo partner. #altmetchat
  19. A3.2 I was studying altmetrics and @redescielo was striving to increase its impact, so the collaboration came naturally #altmetchat
  20. A3.3 Fortunately, @redescielo is managed by people such as Abel Packer, that thrive with changes and having new perspectives #altmetchat
  21. A3.4 I instructed publishers about altmetrics on behalf of @redescielo and they adopted the use of social media f their journals #altmetchat
  22. Q4 @oatila Why is online engagement important to you, as a researcher? #altmetchat
  23. A4.1 I barely visited physical libraries over the last 10 years. And since Google closed GReader I abandoned periodical’s RSSs #altmetchat
  24. A4.2 PubMed and GScholar search and online engagement are my main source of articles. Twitter, blogs, @profvrr‘s podcasts, etc. #altmetchat
  25. A4.3 I also doubt the next researchers will spend the time to get a journal by mail and just stop to read everything on it #altmetchat
  26. @oatila There are several definitions for #altmetrics. What is your definition in 140 characters or less? 🙂 #altmetchat
  27. Q5 @oatila What are the 3 most effective things you do to promote your research online? #altmetchat
  28. A5.1 I write for broader audiences in my blog, connect with colleagues and co-authors like @sibelefausto and publish Open Access #altmetchat
  29. Q6 @oatila What’s the most interesting example of attention you’ve personally seen surfaced by altmetric data? #altmetchat
  30. A6.1 As I write the Youtube videos weekly, I need new perspectives about different fields all the time and quickly #altmetchat
  31. A6.2 While also keeping my information and sources as close to the original articles as possible. #altmetchat
  32. A6.3 So Altmetric’s Attention Score is the easiest way to find blog posts, Wiki articles, Twitter profiles, news and more #altmetchat
  33. A6.4 This way, in a few clicks I have a broad perspective from experienced writers about fields that I have no familiarity #altmetchat
  34. A6.5 So when I need to talk about complex research like ENCODE, I have many perspectives in a glimpse #altmetchat
  35. Q7 @oatila How regularly do your track/report on altmetrics for the various channels you produce content for? #altmetchat
  36. A7.1 I have a @Impactstory profile, where I follow altmetrics for my articles (they used to cover video impact, but stopped) #altmetchat
  37. A7.2 All my videos and slideshares have citations and I follow @PLOS and @altmetric metrics for my articles #altmetchat
  38. Q8 @oatila What’s your favourite tool for tracking the attention your work has received online? #altmetchat
  39. A8 Besides the already mentioned metrics, Google Scholar profile and alerts have been really helpful to follow my research area #altmetchat
  40. Q9 @oatila You’re very active on lots of media and social channels. How do altmetrics influence the channels you choose? #altmetchat
  41. A9.1 I chose Youtube to reach a broad public, given their audience numbers in Brazil (a nice metric candidate) #altmetchat
  42. A9.3 And I regularly find interesting @s and blogs to follow at Altmetrics’ Score for articles #altmetchat
  43. Q. #altmetchat @oatila Pls, I would wonder why altmetrics is still so scarce in the global South, mainly at non-English speaking countries.+
  44. Q10 @oatila What do you think is next for altmetrics, how do you think they will evolve in the future? #altmetchat
  45. A10.1 I have high hopes for more researcher-level metrics, to keep a live and updated CV. #altmetchat
  46. A10.2 Researcher evaluations are complex and consequential, and altmetrics are fundamental to go beyond the journal you publish #altmetchat
  47. A10.3 We have the Lattes Platform, which keeps updated records and unique IDs for virtually every researcher in Brazil #altmetchat
  48. A10.4 It is a gold mine of data on a nation scale that could be much enriched by constantly updated altmetrics #altmetchat
  49. Do altmetrics’ monitoring tools consider languages other than English? @oatila #altmetchat
  50. A10.5 Also, as a #scicomm, I would love to see lecture and video-related metrics for publications #altmetchat
  51. A10.6 I see having a figure that is highly “cited” in slideshare slides just as important as a highly cited paper #altmetchat
  52. A10.7 Or even more important, if it’s being used to instruct undregrads and grad students directly #altmetchat
  53. A10.8 These metrics would be an incentive to communicate results in a more visual media, suited for broader audiences #altmetchat
  54. I don’t recall seeing news or blog posts in Portuguese or other languages, which is a pity for my videos #altmetchat 
  55. Having my Zika virus video go viral in WhatsApp made realise the importance of fast and expert #scicomm #altmetchat 
  56. Keeping track of media attention (and hoaxes) over zika articles is an important part of communicating about zika effectively #altmetchat
  57. Q. @oatila But are videos also within the suite of altmetrics’ measures? #altmetchat
  58. I would go with 60% audio and 35% editing and content (some 5% left for sources in science videos) #altmetchat 
  59. Hi @sibelefausto, altmetrics are still relatively new, we trying our best to spread the word as much as possible @oatila #altmetchat 🙂
  60. .@altmetric @oatila Tks and congrats for all your effort in this issue! After all, #science is global. #altmetchat ?
  61. Not that I’m aware of, but it would be great to track video citations in papers and vice versa #altmetchat 
  62. @oatila this is an interesting and broader definition, but digital ones are those we can easily track, no? #altmetchat […]
  63. We continually try to increase our reach. We currently track @redescielo from Brazil @sibelefausto @oatila #altmetchat
  64. @oatila In that sense, your definition does not limit the scope of #altmetrics to digitally obtainable data. #altmetchat
  65. Q. @oatila @altmetric Is there any correlation between altimetrics and publications in open access? #OA #altmetchat
  66. And I don’t believe it should. Many of these metrics are not ‘trackable’ yet, but soon will be #altmetchat 
  67. Good Q! We have an interesting article on our blog with further insight into this:  @sibelefausto @oatila #altmetchat
  68. Thank you @oatila for all your interesting answers and thanks to all who sent in Qs. Look out for the follow up blog post! #altmetchat
  69. @oatila, sei que já acabou o #altmetchat, mas das redes sociais a única com trabalho que provou influenciar o IF ainda é o twitter?

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