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Altmetric at the University of Surrey

Josh Clark, 12th September 2017

In our latest case study, we report on how the University of Surrey are using Altmetric tools and data to underpin their five-year research strategic plan. We spoke to Dr. Abigail McBirnie, Bibliometrics Advisor at the University, about how the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions is helping them achieve their challenging targets.

Abigail and teams across the institution are using the platform and data in a variety of ways, including:

  • Engagement – The bibliometrics service within the Library of the University use the Altmetric Explorer to provide qualitative data that is used alongside quantitative, citation based, data to provide a more comprehensive view of the engagement around research outputs produced by the University.
  • Teaching – The Explorer has also been used to support teaching. Faculty librarians use altmetrics data to evidence decisions for acquiring specific journals, making sure that budget is spent efficiently.
  • Tracking online attention – Library staff use data from the Explorer to see an overview of how their institution’s publications are being received online. By using the newly available altmetrics data they can easily discover and highlight papers receiving attention in the online environment, a task the University had previously struggled with.
  • Reporting – The reporting functionality within the Explorer is used by the Library to analyse data for publications from peer institutions, discover new collaboration opportunities and compare how their outputs are performing individually, at department and at an institutional level.

By implementing Altmetric data and tools, staff within the University of Surrey are able to gain an alternative perspective on the institution’s published research and provide more complex analysis of engagement surrounding their outputs.

The full case study, which provides a more detailed commentary on the University of Surrey’s experience, can now be downloaded here.

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