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Altmetrics and the Olympics

Cat Williams, 19th February 2014

With Sochi 2014 well underway, we thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a delve through the Altmetric data to find out a bit more about the research that’s been done on the winter olympics, and the attention it’s received.

To do this, we ran a number of keyword searches in the Altmetric Explorer – terms used included ‘winter olympics’, ‘skiing’, ‘luge’, ‘snowboarding’, ‘ice hockey’ and ‘ice skating’.

The results were interesting, to say the least. Papers which have received attention varied from a study on the labour market effects of the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, to an article on Luge track safety published on the arXiv platform. Needless to say, many papers focussed on the potential health and injury risks or undertaking such activities – but others took a rather different approach. Amongst those that caught our eye (based on title and abstract alone) were:

The most popular of the papers in our search was a recently publishing Nature special on skiing – which to date has seen over 250 tweets, placing it in the 98% percentile of articles we have tracked mentions for from Nature.

Have you come across any interesting or unusual olympics related reading? What would you like to see a study on? Let us know in the comments below!

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#Altmetrics and the Olympics: 'Is happiness contagious online?' and other research -

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