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Altmetrics in iOS Apps

Jean Liu, 8th May 2013

Good news for fans of iOS and altmetrics: iPhone and iPad users can now get Altmetric data on their devices using 2 cool (and free!) apps. Since mobile devices have been changing the way that many people choose to read scholarly papers, displaying the live altmetrics alongside the text is an interesting way to quickly give readers a feel for the social impact of an article.


Papership for iPhone and iPad

ShazinoPapership is a iPhone and iPad client for Mendeley that allows users to browse through their reference collections on their mobile devices. Created by the start-up Shazino, Papership uses the Altmetric API to display Altmetric donuts next to the article titles (see screenshot on the right). You can check out the news release or get the app for free from the iTunes App Store.

On the technical side, this app uses SZNAltmetric, an open source iOS software development kit created by Shazino for the Altmetric API. As an Objective-C client, SZNAltmetric is freely available for developers to build iOS applications using Altmetric data. Read more here. for iPad

NatureJournalsSince last October, has been displaying article level metrics pages powered by Altmetric. Now, these same article level metrics are available on the iPad app, which includes free and subscription-based content for several journals published by the Nature Publishing Group. Altmetric’s social media, news, and blog data are viewable in the “Metrics” tabs for each article (see screenshot on the left).

Get the app for free from the iTunes App Store.

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