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Altmetrics: the essential tool for engaging your authors

Josh Clark, 9th April 2020

Being able to deliver messaging that effectively influences your target audience is the dream of any marketing team. For publisher marketing teams, engaging your authors in the promotion of their titles can boost your marketing strategy and get your titles noticed. 

Altmetrics data can help; they make the perfect complement to your traditional books data.  They can help you, and your authors, understand the big picture of book impact.


Using altmetrics help you understand the big picture of book impact

Altmetrics data gives you immediate insight into online mentions of your books so that you can keep authors up-to-date of where their work is generating buzz; allowing you to carry out regular campaigns to your authors with reports on how their work is being received. By regularly providing authors with reports on the online mentions for their work, you will build a more collaborative relationship with them and give them the ability to get involved in conversations on topics that interest them.   

As soon as a book is published, the online mentions start to be tracked by Altmetric. Tracking of new mentions is made possible using the unique identifier (such as a DOi or PubMedid) found in the metadata of article pages on your website. This immediate tracking enables real-time alerts to be generated through the Altmetric details page. You can then use these alerts to send authors regular notifications of new mentions. By being able to auto-generate altmetrics alerts, you can save time and can manage the reputation of your publishing house easily and effectively.

Altmetrics data also allows you to conduct competitor analysis. By analysing the altmetrics data for titles published in the same discipline, you can see which topics get picked-up in online discussions, attract interest from media outlets and even gain insight into which publications are easily discovered online. This can help you to guide authors on how a publication should be structured or what the title should be so that the areas that drive interest are the most prominent.

Finally, you will be able to browse Altmetric details pages via the Altmetric Explorer to see the complete online mentions for any publication. By exploring these mentions, you can understand where the target audience for any particular subject discuss the topic. You can also explore mentions for other titles to discover new opportunities for where an author or publication could be promoted.   

For more information on how altmetrics can be used to improve your author engagement, check out our latest Altmetric Book Club webinar recording or this short video about how Taylor & Francis use Altmetric book data to work closely with their authors. 

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