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AltmetriX Factor TV competition to seek out new research talent

Guest Author, 1st April 2017



1st April 2017 — Are you a star researcher? Do you excel in every aspect of your role and outpace all of your colleagues in public speaking appearances, news interviews, citation counts, typing speed, next-level procrastination, and also general all-round kudos?


The AltmetriX Factor wants you!


During the show researchers will be asked to pitch their ideas for new projects, in a song and dance routine, to a panel of expert judges, including Altmetric’s Founder Euan Adie, world-famous donut ambassador President Icinghower, and the ghost of Charles Darwin.

The pitches will be judged on how viral their research topic would be on social media and how likely their research is to change the world. Winners will receive a unique, priceless golden donut and a grant to pursue their project. Most importantly, their top paper will automatically be given an Altmetric Attention Score of 1 million, guaranteeing a stellar spot in the Christmas Top 100!

To apply, start singing the title of your graduate dissertation very loudly and if we hear you, we’ll get in touch…


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