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Ambassador of the Month – July 2016 – Kornelia Junge

Josh Clark, 14th July 2016

Kornelia Junge Wiley Amb of the monthThis month’s Ambassador of the month is Kornelia Junge, Senior Research Manager at Wiley. Kornelia has been an Altmetric Ambassador since the start of the Ambassadors program and has been promoting and giving presentations at events such as the recent IAVE meeting in Baden-Beaden, introducing researchers to altmetrics and advising colleagues on how Altmetric data can be applied to their role. Kornelia’s passion for promoting altmetrics have earned her the position of gold level Altmetric Ambassador this month. Read on to find our more about how she uses altmetrics at Wiley and why she thinks they can have practical benefits to researchers and authors:

Tell me about your current work at Wiley. What does a typical day involve for you?

My work revolves around usage and Altmetrics. I do like to dive into the data, trying to squeeze out insights that no one has ever had before, but this is just one of a wide range of things I do. Working for a big publisher, I am striving to empower all my colleagues in Editorial, Marketing and Sales to do most of their analyses themselves, by developing tools and offering training and consultation. I also need to make sure that our reporting systems are keeping up with latest developments on our website and also on websites with whom we have partnerships. The reporting universe is getting more and more complex, therefore it is essential to keep an eye on data quality and standards before you start any analysis. I represent Wiley on the COUNTER executive board and a couple of cross-publisher projects in that area. So basically, a typical day will consist of meetings and the analyses and paperwork coming out of that, some “unusual data” investigation and hopefully a bit of  creative analysis.

Where did you first learn of altmetrics?

Looking at referrer data and seeing the traffic share from social media slowly but steadily increasing, I had been wondering for a while “Wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about these referrals?”. So when Wiley first investigated the effect of adding Altmetric badges to the articles on the Wiley Online Library in 2012 I volunteered to monitor that pilot.

How do you think Altmetric data can help Researchers?

The opportunity to discover related projects and to share and receive feedback with colleagues almost in real time, should help to avoid duplicate work in favour of innovation and collaboration. But how well this works already, that depends very much on the subject area.

How do you think altmetrics can help authors?

The data are pretty good at pointing to currently popular topics, which could be major scientific breakthroughs, but also discussions of current affairs in any field, or science or publishing policy. Some authors have been surprised (not always positively) to see how their articles have been received outside of academia. Altmetrics make it easy for researchers to think about the wider context of their research and can help authors present their research to the general public. Those authors who publish in more “applied” journals, of course, finally have some useful illustrations of how their research is being used – IF someone cares to discuss it in one of the Altmetric channels.

Thank you Kornelia for all your work promoting altmetrics, we’re so proud to make you a gold level Ambassador!

If you or your colleagues are interested in finding out more about our Ambassador program visit our website here, follow us on twitter and search for #altambs to find out what our Ambassadors are up to.


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