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Announcing Altmetric’s new CEO!

Euan Adie, 29th September 2017

Behind the curtain changes aren’t always interesting to people on the outside but as we’re going into conference season I wanted to share details about some exciting changes at Altmetric.

Many of you already know Kathy Christian – she joined Altmetric in 2014 as our COO and since then she has been helping to steer Altmetric in the right direction. In the past three years we’ve relaunched the Explorer, worked closely with government and funders and made sure that education, training & support are an important part of what we do.

I’m now stepping sideways and Kathy will take over from me as Altmetric’s CEO. If you’ve been in a meeting with Altmetric before you know that we all work together very closely anyway and we’ll continue to do so, but she now has the final say.

I’ve always tried to hire people better than me and Kathy is no exception: she’ll be an excellent CEO and this move is very well deserved! I wouldn’t have changed role for anybody else.

This also means I free up some time. I’m going to focus a bit more on (small “a”) altmetrics and our products & data, which is something I’ve wanted to dedicate some time to for a while. We’ve also got some very exciting cross-company projects going on at Digital Science and so, along with some of my colleagues, I’m going to split my time to work on those too from within Altmetric. More news about that will come later but, well, they’re cool, technically challenging and bold enough to make some positive change to research: all good attributes for a project to have.

I’m hoping I may even be able to answer emails on time again. 🙂

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Kathy, and if you’re attending Frankfurt, Charleston, or Force11 over the next few months do reach out and say hi, we’ll see you there!

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