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Catch up on a webinar with our Data Insights Team for an investigation into who is using Twitter to share research and how we can understand what they really think. The last two years has seen an explosion of conversations on twitter about research, but this hasn’t been confined to COVID-19 related research. How do you cut through the noise? Sentiment analysis has come a long way in the last few years, and data science techniques are opening up whole new avenues to explore. Our team used topics ranging from Climate Change and Nuclear Power to the #MeToo movement and … Read More
Are you curious about the social media sources Altmetric is tracking and how you can search for and leverage the data? As part of our ongoing ‘how to’ series, this session is all about how you can dive into the world of social media and explore the mentions of the research that matters to you, using the Altmetric Explorer. In this hands-on 30 minute webinar, we discuss: Social media sources Altmetric is tracking Ways to search for Twitter and Facebook mentions How to find Twitter influencers … Read More
Are you interested in tracking and analyzing the research landscape of specific fields? If you need a clear understanding of the attention research in a particular subject area is receiving, join us for this hands-on 30 minute webinar. During the session we will introduce you to searching by subject area in Altmetric Explorer by using Fields of Research (FOR) codes. You’ll learn: what FOR codes are; how to search Explorer using FOR codes; tips on how to gain insights using these scoping searches. Watch the session on demand: … Read More
Join our webinar and discover deeper insights about your research, how to determine your top research outputs, and write compelling narratives for grant applications. In a complex and changing funding landscape, Dimensions and Altmetric tools provide you with powerful analytics to combine publication and citation metrics with contextual factors to demonstrate influence, engagement and reach of your research. Watch this webinar to: Learn how you can use the interconnected data of grants, patents, clinical trials, and publications to discover your top ten publications and compose narratives for grant applications Deepen your knowledge of competition, collaboration networks, and trends in research … Read More
Many of you will be familiar with the annual Altmetric Top 100. Launched in 2013, this list highlighted the most-mentioned scholarly publications from the year, and featured much-discussed topical research that had caught the wider public’s imagination. Given the evolving landscape of research communication and analyses, in 2021 we decided that it was time to refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research. As a result of this change, we didn’t produce an official Top 100 for 2021. Instead, late last year, we shared three blog posts written by Mike Taylor and each one approached the calculation of a … Read More
Media interest in research has never been greater due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Climate Change, among other topics. How research is communicated varies from an international scale down to local level, as also reflected in the quality of coverage from in-depth news features to poorly referenced, click-bait churnalism. As part of the one day virtual event, our Director of Engagement and Advocacy, Ben McLeish, will be hosting a session: Fake News: Risks and Considerations of global conversations around research. Ben will be sharing a few examples of the use and misuse of research and “fake … Read More
Horizon Europe has placed increased emphasis on the dissemination of your research. We understand how this has affected the way you as researchers plan and prepare to spread your research. This is why in this webinar Ben Mcleish, Director of Engagement & Advocacy, takes a look at the strategies researchers will need to implement in the process of research dissemination and exploitation for projects explicitly funded by Horizon Europe. Key focuses for this webinar are: The best practises and strategies for maximising reach and discoverability of your research How you can gather the attention and measure the influence of your … Read More
Have you ever wondered what kind of online attention your competitors are receiving? Having clear visibility of where, when and how your competitors’ research is receiving attention is crucial for benchmarking and informing future strategy. Join us for our webinar, where you’ll learn the practical steps of how to search the Altmetric Explorer effectively for unique insights about your competitors. We will walk through some of the different ways in which you can search the Altmetric Explorer, including filtering by: Organization or company name Journal title Field of research Watch the session … Read More
This webinar will help you begin to create a strategy to promote your work after its publication. It will give you some ideas of how to promote your work via, twitter, blogs and podcasts. It will also give you the knowledge you need to then track that attention in the Altmetric Explorer. Learning outcomes: – Have a broader understanding of promoting your publications, using twitter, blogs and podcasts, although these ideas are not limited to just these social media sources. – Learn how to track the online attention of your work within the Altmetric Explorer – Gain an … Read More
Join Paul Cuomo & Ben McLeish, from TDNet and Altmetric respectively, for a session where they will review how the integration of TDNet Discover + Altmetric solutions can greatly enhance research access. Learn how to empower your researchers by providing unique attention metrics found on social media and alternate online platforms. During the session you will get a deeper understanding of how TDNet discover and Altmetric work together to help augment relevant search results about research outputs with discussions, sharing of that research and distribution of research on the social web. Key learnings: How sophisticated search … Read More