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Boost your communication efforts with the Altmetric Explorer

Sarah Condon, 7th May 2020

Any marketing or communications professional knows that a brand’s most vital resource is its reputation, and good media monitoring helps you protect it. Media monitoring can help you to stay on top of threats to your brand’s reputation and can help you to develop your reputation further. But did you know that the Altmetric Explorer can complement your media monitoring tool? 

By using Altmetric in tandem with existing media monitoring services you will have a more robust process for capturing the detail of the conversation around your research, and celebrating your successes with a broader audience. Here’s how.

Find out who’s talking about you

Whilst your media monitoring tool will track conversations in the news and on social media, the Altmetric Explorer takes it a step further by tracking not only these, but also track policy documents, patents, Wikipedia and other scholarly and non-scholarly forums. This enables you to understand in detail who is saying what about specific research outputs and where it is having an impact in policy and patents.

On the flip side, did you know that the Explorer can also help you find new talent to put in front of the media?  It’s easy to find your rising stars within your organization (or those people who can help you connect with specific audiences in under-utilized channels) with a simple search before exporting the results.

Making the most of keyword or topic search

Your media monitoring tool likely relies on keyword or topic search to gather results. Altmetric takes this a step further and links mentions to a specific research output, such as a publication or a clinical trial, therefore reducing the need for data cleaning and enabling you to easily compare results. You can then use this data to show the attention that your organization’s research is having and have a more meaningful dialogue within the industry.

An example of this is the #metoo movement. The Altmetric data for research in this space shows a number of interesting trends around the conversation on gender equality and sexual harassment. 

If you used the Timeline feature in Altmetric Explorer, you would see that tweets linking to the research rise dramatically in October 2017 (around the time that Harvey Weinstein was accused) as well as in the mainstream media and blogs. Interestingly you can also see that, in the two years preceding the #metoo movement, there is a growth in the volume of research and actually doubles. It is being able to spot trends like this that can allow you to stay current and even ahead of the trends in your industry.

What other challenges can Altmetric help with?

For marketing and communications professionals, producing content is easy. Producing good content, however, is decidedly much harder.

We all know that content is an incredibly effective way to raise brand awareness (and your media monitoring tool helps you track your progress) but it takes time and skill to produce good quality content consistently.  

Not knowing what content to curate is one of the biggest challenges, but the Altmetric Explorer makes this research simple; all you need to do is to run a subject/keyword search across the full Explorer database. The results of this search will allow you to identify the upcoming trends on your topic (including those your competitors are talking about) and take the guesswork out of knowing what will resonate with your industry.

In addition, the Explorer will help you identify if the promotions you did around your research made a difference to the attention and impact it received. Simply measure the attention before, and after, a campaign has been actioned to see how it compares and which channels mentioned an item most providing you insight into what is working, and what isn’t.

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