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Can social media be used to influence patient outcomes?

Cat Williams, 16th July 2020

What role does social media play in health support and nursing education, and indeed; can it be used to influence patient outcomes?

In a new special episode of the Altmetric Podcast, Digital Science’s Mike Taylor talks to children’s nurse and Senior Lecturer in Non-Medical Prescribing Kate Davies about her experience of using social media to connect directly with families impacted by particular conditions. 

Mike and Kate explore how social media can bridge a gap for patients, and make it easier for those who can benefit from support materials and useful research to access them in a timely way:

From her own experience of running the DSD family support group Twitter account, Kate shares her thoughts on how the anonymity that social media offers can often be useful when discussing difficult topics, and how its immediacy provides a good opportunity to clear up any misconceptions. 

Most importantly, Kate and Mike discuss how the use of social media and others apps can have a tangible, positive impact on patient outcomes – providing people with ongoing support when they need it most. 

Listen to the full podcast here.

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