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Christina Chan-Park, Science Librarian at Baylor University, describes the 2019 Altmetric Research Grant winning project that her team intends on completing. Our research team from Baylor University (Christina Chan-Park, Science Librarian; Clayton Crenshaw, Music Librarian; and Sha Towers, Interim Associate Dean of Central Libraries and liaison librarian to art and theatre) is honored and excited to receive the 2019 Altmetric grant. Our research is motivated by the trend at Baylor, as at many other universities, to showcase the impact of its faculty through data. Research information management (RIM) systems such as Digital Measures and Academic Analytics are increasingly used to … Read More
At Altmetric, we’re keen to see our data used to make advances in scholarly communication. To that end, we offer an annual research grant of up to $2,000 USD for a project that makes new discoveries about how research is shared and discussed online. Since 2016, the Altmetric Research Grant has funded research into: How to identify the research that will later make it into public policy documentsWho adds scholarly citations to Wikipedia articles, and when and how they do itHow research is shared in China and amongst the Chinese-speaking diaspora via WeChat “Official Accounts” For … Read More
In this post, scientometrics researcher and 2018 Altmetric Research Grant recipient Shenmeng Xu describes how the design of China’s largest social network, WeChat, may affect what we know about how science is communicated. Altmetrics sourced from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and ResearchGate have been studied a lot to date. WeChat (微信), China’s largest social network, is different from the above-mentioned tools in many aspects, including the technological functionalities, user groups, languages used, among others—and in the fact that it is relatively unstudied among scientometrics researchers. With the growing number and internationalization of users, WeChat has become an important platform for scholarly communication, offering … Read More