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In this blog post, you can find out more about the science stories that hit the headlines in 2019. In the accompanying podcast episode – the last episode of The Altmetric Podcast in 2019 – we zoom in on a couple of the year’s most popular studies. Did you catch much science news in 2019? Maybe you noticed Google claim quantum supremacy. Perhaps you discovered that our galaxy is warped and flared. You might have seen the growing body of evidence that climate change is getting more and more serious. And you probably heard about one of the many … Read More
Digital Science has just released a new report, “Championing the Success of Women in STEM”. The report highlights the importance of tracking metrics for scholarly endeavors, in order to understand if and where gender discrepancies exist, so that we might work towards fixing them. In short, it underscores the relevance of the adage, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Included are pieces on tracking speaker demographics at STEM conferences, so that we can achieve better gender “parity at the podium”; understanding differences in research funding by gender; positive changes over time in astronomy and … Read More
CC-BY Nicky Agate / Medium Great news for those interested in using altmetrics for evaluation for the humanities and social sciences: the HuMetricsHSS research team (which I’ve written about here before) just won a $300k grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to advance our understanding of values-based research metrics, including altmetrics! We’re looking to reverse-engineer the process of using evaluation metrics. We’re going to start with the important stuff–goals, objectives, and values for individuals and universities–and work backwards from there to … Read More
Following on from the success of last autumn’s relaunched Altmetric Explorer for Institutions, this week we upgraded all of our publisher customers to the brand new Altmetric Explorer for Publishers (EFP v2)! Since 2012, the Explorer for Publishers has been used by publishing editors, marketing teams, and press officers to monitor and report on the attention data received by their journal articles. After the introduction of Altmetric tracking for books and chapters last year, we also added over a million new records to the Explorer database (available with … Read More
This post was contributed by Dr. Lauren Cadwallader, winner of Altmetric’s first annual Research Grant and Open Access Research Advisor in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Library. Earlier this year I was awarded the first annual Research Grant to carry out a proof-of-concept study into the patterns of online attention received by journal articles that are incorporated into policy documents. I was planning to look at the types and timings of attention that papers received before they were incorporated into a policy document, to see if there was some way to help research administrators make … Read More
Earlier this month, I had a great experience at the Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, where I had the chance–along with a team of brilliant humanities researchers and librarians–to think through what “humane” metrics (HuMetrics) for the humanities and social sciences might look like. What we discussed at this meeting has been a revelation. Though it’s an idea that’s still in its infancy, the concept of HuMetrics is starting to change the way I think about how metrics should be selected and applied in academia. Simply put, I’m starting to see that academia’s been approaching evaluation metrics from the … Read More
A new advancement in altmetrics  Altmetric celebrated its 5th birthday this month. Looking back, it’s exciting to see what we’ve accomplished as members of the wider scholarly community. Thanks to the passionate advocacy of our early adopters, a growing number of publishers, universities, and other organisations now actively incorporate our altmetrics data into their reporting of non-traditional impacts. And now, we have a new milestone that we’re extremely proud to tell you about. Two years after the original Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) was first released, this week we are unveiling the new and improved EFI version … Read More
I’m proud to share a new altmetrics educational website: What Are Altmetrics? The best part? You can reuse, remix, or otherwise repurpose the entire site to build your own altmetrics presentations, Libguides, and more. We’ve made it available under a CC-BY license, so it’s super easy for you to adapt! Speaking of CC-BY, the What Are Altmetrics? guide to “all things altmetrics” builds upon the popular altmetrics Libguides I developed while at Impactstory, updating the existing resources and adding a whole lot more. What Are Altmetrics? includes: An updated list of examples of how researchers, librarians, publishers, … Read More
The following post is authored by Dr. Lauren Cadwallader, Open Access Research Advisor in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Library and recipient of the first annual Altmetric Research Grant. Following, she explains what she plans to study in the coming months, thanks to the funding she’s received. Being from a UK institution, the words “REF” and “impact” are often heard at work so these seemed like a natural starting point for thinking about a possible research project for the Altmetric grant. is a great tool for finding out who has been saying what about your … Read More